Dreaming Of You

So… Yeah, the campaign I’ve been playing lately had finished just like I said on the previous post. But apparently, it’s still hard for me to move on to the next campaign (although I already start making character sheets and search pictures for the character images)… Every time there’s a topic regarding G:R-EAT, I would ended up jump in. XD

And just today, I finally finished making log collection on my personal log book. Yeah, dunno why this time I’m more attached to the campaign, and got the patience to finish the log book (usually I ended up stop halfway XD).

And as usual.. While surfing in youtube, ended up finding songs that could be fit BoA (my character’s) feeling…

Like.. This song by Selena ‘-‘)

Maybe I should get to move on to the next campaign..

But lately I’ve been watching Jin Yong’s Legend of Condor Heroes’s newest movie adaptation (the 2017 version) and ended up seeing all the characters on the campaign once again. πŸ˜₯ Oh God..

I guess this will take more time than the usual campaign to move on.. ( ;_; ) Wish me luck..



Bena NDR



Calling Out


Finally, the recent DnD campaign I’ve been playing in (Godmark: Rebirth – East Asian Tales) ends. Somehow this campaign feels a bit different with the other campaigns I played before (it doesn’t mean the other campaigns I played before is bad, ‘kay? It just felt different). I got too attached to the character which I played in it (not just my main character, but also my subcharacters and NPCs). Maybe due to the theme of the campaign, ‘Narrative Collaborative Storytelling Campaign’, which in a way all the player built the campaign together. So when it ended, it feels sad. Like the world we’ve been building together must ended.

The campaign itself spanned for 4 months in real world time, and 3-4 years in campaign timeline. Quite long, huh?

As usual like the other campaigns before, we made this aftermath story for our characters about how their life goes on, but somehow I feel like my brain keeps on playing and searching for a lot of songs in Youtube which suits my character’s feeling (or other character’s feeling). Weird, huh?


So… In this campaign, I played a young girl (15 years old at the start of the campaign) coming from Joson (the setting for this campaign is East Asian, and we got three choice of background: Tang (like China), Yamato (like Japan), and Joson (like Korea)) named BoA (her real name actually is Bo-Ah. I chose her name inspired by Korean singer BoA which I love a lot).Β  A priestess or more like shaman who ‘disguised’ as an idol with her siblings and [shrine maidens] due to BoA’s condition, and ended up travelling around doing tour and concert while searching information regarding these [mark] which was called [Godmark] or [Shenyin] in Tang’s language and [Kamijirushi] in Yamato’s language. Continue reading

Dear Future Husband

So… A friend of mine shared this link on our Granblue Fantasy Line Group.. It’s like a quiz to know which Granblue Fantasy character which fits to be your husband (and please, even my boy friends ended up trying it X’D).

I tried the quiz and look who I got!


YEP! PERCIVAL!! \(=w=)/

Ahahaha.. One of my favorite male character in Granblue Fantasy (besides Albert, which is my all time crush in Granblue Fantasy due to his voice actor. Midorikawa Hikaru will always be my voice-crush!), due to his characteristics and his voice (well Ohsaka Ryouta’s voice also cool and gives me goosebumps. But on a different level with Midorikawa Hikaru :9). I always loves Percival for his ‘almighty’ characteristics, just like I always love characters like Domyoji Tsukasa in Hanayori Dango, or other cool and ‘bossy’ characters.

Interested to try the quiz? XD

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne!



Bena nDR

Bad Day

Been a while since the last time I wrote here..

Somehow I decided to write once again, although it’s been like forever I didn’t do anything on social media (writing blog, posting pics on Facebook, posting pics on Instagram, and so on).. But might as well to start again.. At least write in this blog and maybe posting pics on Instagram later on..

A lot of things happened lately.. And everything seems changing..

I enter the Ph.D program starting this April.. Then making comic as a supplement for my research.. Playing on an Iron Kingdom campaign which last around 2-3 months (and it’s done right now, with my character is having a baby).. Having a mid-year presentation for the Ph.D program.. Joining another DnD 5e campaign, this time with a East Asian setting.. Going back to Indonesia for summer holiday, and have a lot of adventure somewhat (like staying on a backpacker hostel in Bandung with Ryu, have a walk with my Mom n Dad, meeting my nephew from my cousin, et cetera)..

And finally the last thing happening to me is.. My aunt passed away last week.. It’s kind of shocking actually.. Since I still met her last summer holiday, we even walk together to places.. And suddenly she collapsed due to stroke.. After being coma for few days, she finally passed away.. And what’s sad is, I can’t be there for her funeral…

It take me days to realize, and accept that she’s gone now.. Even now, I often shed tear whenever I remember about her.. Although she might be just my aunt, but she took care of me during my childhood days, when my mom go abroad for study..

I hope she’s fine now on the other side, with my grandma and grandpa…

Sorry for the gloomy post although it’s been a while not posting anything.. Guess that’s all for now…



Bena nDR

Moon Jellyfish

Finally!! Another single from FLOWER!!! \(>///<)/ And from Dream Ami as well!!!

This one is Flower’s single [Moon Jellyfish]. Somehow I like the title. XD It reminds me of jellyfish swimming on night sea under the moonlight. πŸ™‚

I always love Flower’s song. Somehow it just suit my taste. πŸ™‚

While this one is Dream Ami’s new single, [Hayaku Aitai] (if I’m not mistaken reading the kanji).

This one is a theme song for a movie, [Hirunaka no Ryuseigun] if I’m not mistaken. I love the season changing feel on the PV. πŸ˜€ And as usual, Ami’s voice is so cute~! >///<)b

So, what do you think? πŸ˜€

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! πŸ˜€


Sincerelly, Bena nDR