High Heels Te Nachche

Quite sometime I didn’t wrote here.😄 Hahaha.. So I guess I’ll start write again..

So, today I’m having a Indian curry dinner with Ryu, and as usual, we were listening to the music played while enjoying the meal. And as usual as well, I decided to search for the music on Youtube.. And here we go~!😀 This time’s playlist!

First is High Heels Te Nachche from the movie Ki&Ka!😀

Somehow I like the catchy song and how the guy dances using high heels.😀 If I’m not mistaken, the movie’s story is about a working wife and a house-husband, which is uncommon in Indian culture. Interesting, huh?😀 Maybe next time I’ll search it. Continue reading

See You Again

Lately… I was getting crazy with this mobile game called Granblue Fantasy by Cygames. Well, it’s already few months since I play it. And this time, there’s this event where there’s a lotta puzzle in it. I love puzzle, but this is waaaayyy to hard..😥

I read the twitter comment from other player and everyone seems like stressed out as well… Orz I really don’t get it.

And finally.. I saw one of the user in Twitter post the winning screenshot and I directly ask them the answer and they told me the answer, but didn’t give me the way to solve the puzzle.

And so… The puzzle is solved, but it still leave a mistery on how to answer it. Wonder will I be able to answer / found how someday?😦 Any idea how to solve this?

Guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne..😥


Sincerely, Bena nDR

Summer Paradise


That’s what I said last month… ( ._.) Today the summer character draw event has ended and somehow I didn’t got a lotta character like my friends or my big bro did..😥 Although there’s free premium gacha draw everyday, still didn’t help my luck I guess..

So.. To rejoice what I had at least, here’s the list of the summer character I got from the draw!😀

Rare (R) Type : Ippatsu & Lowain

Continue reading


Me & My Friends

SO! Today! Me and Ryu are meeting our friends in Jakarta. Well, mostly are old friends (P&P RPG friends), but some are also friends I haven’t met before, only know from online sessions (I never meet them in person). I’m so excited!😄

Our meeting place should be in Grand Indonesia shopping mall, around after work hour, since almost all are already working (hey, not all still have a student status like use :p). So we thought, why not get some lunch first. I ask Ryu if he want to eat Sate Padang (Padangese Satay) in Pasaraya Blok-M. There’s a foodcourt in that shopping mall which has a lotta variation of Indonesian food (I really recommend that place, if you want to try Indonesian food. Just beware you might confused on which to try first.😉 ). And of course, to accompany the meal, I order my favorite drink, Mango Juice! :9


Well, Ryu never tried this Sate Padang before. This one is from Mak Syukur, one of the one said the yummiest Sate Padang in Padang (Padang is a region name in Sumatera) itself. I really love the taste, although it’s a bit spicy. :p Continue reading

Sweet Doughnut

Today, I got to meet my big family (from my mom’s part). Well, we meet quite a lot this time, since my little cousin, Anggun, is going to have a wedding this September. So a lotta things to prepared.😀

Well, this time, we’re having a small family meeting on J.Co (local donut store) in Bintaro Plaza, a shopping mall near my house. Mainly, only mom-dad, my aunt, my older cousin Wenni, and Anggun who were talking seriously. While me and my other older cousin, Ochie and her husband were busy selfie-ing.😄 My big bro? He’s focus on his drinks I think.

But overall, family time is always nice.😀 I really hope even after all of us married, we can always still stay close like this.🙂 Continue reading


Ladies & Gentlemen, Roll The Dice, #3-last

HAPPY 71st ANNIVERSARY, INDONESIA \(=w=)/ Yes, today is Indonesia’s 71st independence anniversary.😀 May years ahead, Indonesia become a better country, even better than other country. I really hope so.

And so… What do we Pen n Paper RPG players do for celebrating this anniversary? HAVING AN OFFLINE SESSION OF COURSE!😄 Hahahaha..

So.. We’re having this offline session of Voyage Order Campaign (the first time offline!). It spreads into few sessions. First session’s player is me (as my NPC, Amery), Dimas (as his NPC, Olivea), Dhamma (as his PC, Shin), Rusdiy (as his NPC, Loopa), Victor (as his NPC, That Guy), Gauden (as his PC, Raxe), and Finiko (as his PC… I forgot the name, sorry >_<||| Since this is his first time playing in VOC).

There’s a reason why I didn’t play as Freyja offline. Remember Freyja got a crush on another character named Eph? Eph’s player is Dimas, which I already think as my own little brother. Somehow it will feel awkward if I play a lovey-dovey character while seeing his face (I bet we will ended up laughing hard). And it seems he think the same. So we play safe. XD  Continue reading


Ladies & Gentlemen, Roll The Dice, #2

Today’s plan.. More or less, more on meeting other friends besides Pen n Paper RPG friends. But as well meeting old university friends.😀

Me & Ryu start the day with a lunch at Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia at Dipati Ukur street.😀 I ordered Nasi Goreng Kambing (Mutton Fried Rice) and Jumbo Ice Tea (yes jumbo. You can see the comparison with the normal size one). The fried rice was spicy, but I love the sweet, tangy and spicy taste! :9 Makes me ask for more! X9 LOVE IT!

Too bad… When we dine in, suddenly a big rain pours which makes us unable to go anywhere from the restaurant. Orz We ended up spend some time there, and late on meeting our friends. Continue reading