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Brand New Story

Lately I’ve been only putting PV in this blog and I rarely wrote anything here. But I guess it’s time to start write once again… (=w=a)

So… Life has been funny for me this year… With its ups and downs…

Starting with the Corona pandemic from the start of the year… My family got some sudden trouble… I’m unable to submit any journal until summer holiday… My father ended up unable to do his work due to the pandemic (which makes him unable to fly to another island which is where he works)… Feeling depressed many times due to the change in lifestyle to the point sometimes I feel like I want to just runaway from my current life and take a permanent sleep… Suddenly contacted by my lecturer back in my undergraduate days, asked to help becoming one of the jury for a comic competition in my country… And lastly, my stay in Japan will end not long from now… (OwO)a Maybe around late November…

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Whenever You Call

Finallyyy!! The long awaited Arashi’s new single: Whenever You Call!! XD
I can’t believe Bruno Mars made a song for them! And this song if full in English. Must admit, their pronunciation was good for non-native speaker (Compare to the usual Japan-glish).

And still can’t believe they will be hiatus at the end of this year. ;_;)

This year is really really full of a lot of things… (._. )

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Childhood Memories

So these few days I’ve been going here and there to schools outside Kyoto city doing stuffs as Kyoto Friendship Ambassador. Usually the schools ask the ambassadors to share story regarding their country toward the students and sometimes also do a cultural exchange (like playing the ambasador’s traditional children game and so on).

Usually I can’t share those experiences in the blog since the rule regarding identity privacy is very strong here in Japan. But this time, since the event of cultural exchange was posted on the school’s web page, so I guess it’s okay? (as long as I put the source link I guess X’D). Continue reading “Childhood Memories”

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Summer Magic

Finally after awhile, I got the chance to write in this blog~! \(=w=)/ Yeeeeiiii!

It’s supposed to be summer holiday now, but it’s a liiieeeee… Since I got part time job and research to do. Hahahaha… *sad* Orz

It’s a new month, so I decided to go with a new theme and a fresher look for this blog. 😀

I hope with this, it means I can get more time to write down something here. Hehehehe…

Guess that’s all for now! Jya~ne! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR

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Somehow today it’s raining since the morning… And now, my youtube suddenly plays this song… Good way to troll me youtube… Very funny…

Oh well… Might as well embrace this gloomy feeling… A cup of tea will be perfect with this…

Have a nice day everyone~ Jya, ne~! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR

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Come Back

Just something to brighten up my mood. 🙂

Jya~ne! 🙂

Sincerely, Bena nDR



We say hello and we say goodbye
And I know that, we’ll be alright
That you and I, we’re far away
So wait ’till I, come back back