Into A Fantasy

Some fellow in one of the Discord server I’m joining give this interesting link to try. It’s to see what type of player we are.

The link is in here.

It was based on Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering, where player was divided into six types, which are derived from 4 types which Glen Blacow described. Somehow I rarely know this kind of articles and such regarding gaming, maybe will check it next time. πŸ˜€

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Time After Time

So… Currently there’s this ‘trend’ in Instagram, where everyone post their photo from 10 years ago and compare it with their current photo with the hashtag #10yearchallenge. I’m kind of curious on how my photo will turns out, so I ended up making one as well.


After seeing one of my friend’s photo, I decided to make it not just comparing to 10 years ago, but also 20 years ago and make it into #20yearchallenge. Kinda curious to see on how my look changes through the year.


Basically my face didn’t change much. Only I’m getting fatter and chubbier. X’D What do you expect? My weight increased almost 17kg from my high school days (in 1999 I’m still in high school).

So 17 kg for 20 years? Gotta lose those gained weight. XD

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Christmas Time

So, today, I’m having a Year End Family Gathering event from the rotary club (the one that gave me scholarship for Yoneyama scholarship). It was actually more like Christmas party for me. The event was held in Kyoto Okura Hotel, and I would say it was fun! πŸ˜€

The event was very nice! With delicious food (my first time eating course France cuisine! XD), the entertainment was cool, and the door-prize was…Woaaa! XD Overall, the event was very nice! πŸ˜€

I actually didn’t expect that there will be full course dinner on the event (was expecting it’s only a simple Christmas party). But apparently the event was quite big (like…100++ people with their families?). And more, it was a formal dinner, where everyone using suits and dress. Oh God, I feel out of place… |||Orz

Nevertheless, the party must go on! ( ;A; )9 Continue reading

Immortal Flame

Accidentally found this song on youtube and curiously opens it due to Katy Perry and Final Fantasy Brave EXVIUS (like… what? for real? Final Fantasy? THE Final Fantasy?)… But turns out the song is nice, and I love how it gave the ‘Unconditionally’ feel from the song. The lyric’s also nice. So, yeah, how I not like this song. πŸ˜€

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