Be Where Your Feet Are

So~! Finally the stuffs I ordered from the vendor for my merchandise shop arrived!! XD It means, it’s time for me to pack the stuffs to be sent to the customers! \(>w<)/ YAY!

With all the stuff I prepared before, packing goes smoothly and fast.

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Rythm Of The Night

So! Finally the event is a wrap! And Comivuro #1 is officially closed. \(OwO)/

It was fun, trying new experiences, since online event was totally different than the offline event. I was kind of tired due to have to keep on checking the [Want To Buy] section on the Discord to find the prospective buyer and notice them regarding my shop. XD It was fun but totally tiring. Thankfully, even though just a few number, I got customers. (OwO)v Ehehehe

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One Step Forward

So— After a long discussion one day with Fuu, in one way and another, he ended up encouraging me to start my own ‘merch store’. Well he’s not the only one encouraging me (Ryu as always always supporting me in this, and another friend of mine, Rush also supporting me on this one), but I can say that the discussion back then gives me the urge to re-start my business.

I started merch store once back then during my undergraduate days. But I had to stopped due to condition. So I’m not sure if I can do it again (and to be honest, I don’t have the best self esteem currently). But seeing there’s going to be a local merch event online, I decided to take the leap of faith.

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Gone Too Soon

July just started and I feel like my spirit and will to continue going on left me… In this two days (2nd and 3rd), I already got two obituaries. And one of it was someone I know well.

The first one was Ryu’s friend, Riphqy. Ryu often play D&D with him back then when he’s still working in Jakarta. I also once chatted with him when me and Ryu just started our relationship. He was a friendly and nice person. I mean—he didn’t judge me or anything, and accept me and in a way cheer me and Ryu’s relationship (which means a lot for me).

The second one was my highschool friend, Wilis. We’re on the same grade and during our freshmen year, we attend school organization event together. She was a bright and full of spirit. One of the toughest girl I ever know. Like, you cannot not know her if you’re in my year, since she’s so friendly and will greet anyone. If I can exaggerated it, I’ll say she’s Wonder Woman in the flesh.

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See You Again

This week has been a big blow to me… Even now I still can’t believe it.. Everything feels so surreal… To the point if this is a nightmare, I want to wake up as fast as I can…

So… I got a news that a dear friend of mine during my undergraduate days died few days ago. He was one of my closest friend back then. Also one of the memorable Dungeon Master and the one who make me interested on delving into fantasy stuffs. He told me many things back then, and we went through many adventures of pen & paper together. With the age of 1 year older than me, I still can’t believe he’s gone now.

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