New Year’s Day

Finally decided to make another New Year Card. πŸ˜€

This time using Tenryuu (from Kantai Collection) and Mitsutada (from Touken Ranbu) as the subject. πŸ˜€Β liu-x-furen-nengajo-final-2

Why them? Well since my friend who’s the owner of Liu Xuande and Furen (which I put inside Another Sky) was a big fan of this pairing and use them as the picture of those two. Even on the GREAT campaign as well. πŸ˜€

And so here they are. Hope you like it~! πŸ™‚

That’s all for now, and once again, Happy New Year 2018! πŸ˜€ Jya~ne!


Sincerely, Bena nDR


Kinen Satsuei

Finally got the chance to draw BoA & Nergui from Another Sky series. πŸ˜€


Anyways, once again, Happy New Year 2018, guys! Ake Ome! May all the best come this year for everyone! πŸ™‚

That’s all for now, jya~ne! πŸ˜€


Sincerely Bena nDR

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – BoA’s Side

I’m so glad I found you
I’m not gonna lose you
Whatever it takes
I will stay here with you
Take it to the good times
See it through the bad times
Whatever it takes
Is what I’m gonna do

Somehow those lyrics from Starship’s [Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us] felt fit perfectly for how my character BoA feels about Nergui (on the fan-fiction alternate timeline story I wrote here). And every time I had a chat with the player for Nergui, we ended up laughing on stupid yet cute things that might happened on their life (and yep, I’ll definitely gonna wrote down those stories, just you wait!). To be honest, this time’s character seems hard to move on from.

But life must go on right? And new campaign coming soon, so yeah… Continue reading

Seeing Blind

Somehow, after the last few days writing about my character’s fan-fiction, I ended up wanting to draw her and her life in the fan-fiction world. And so, I finally take my pencil again and draw again. And here are the pictures.

This one is BoA and her daughters, Chun-Hwa and Bao. Chun-Hwa always sticks like glue to her mother, while always stare at her father with wanting to bully tendency. The player of Nergui (since this is not my character) said, maybe this one was made using Nergui’s point of view, due to Chun-Hwa seen like looking at the viewer (which might be her father).

Boa-Bao-Chunhwa-sketch Continue reading

Another Day

Yesterday, I’m having a part time helping my Supervisor, Sugaya-sensei, as an assistant on Kids Manga Lesson in my campus. The class was supposed to be in Japanese – English for kids, that’s why I ended up joining this part time (although my English isn’t that good though :p).

The class started at 10 and ended at 12 o’clock. It’s fun seeing kids drawing and pour their ideas to the paper. πŸ˜€ And their reactions whenever sensei said something is very interesting to watch. XD

At the end of the class, Sensei shows his original works from his old days to the kids. It’s always interesting to see a real work of a mangaka. You can see how good his inking stroke and such. Continue reading

Fight Song

So… Today I’m having an entrance exam for Doctorate program in Kyoto Seika University. Last year I failed the exam, and this year is my last chance.

There are three participant for this time’s exam, and the other 2 seems more prepared than me.Β I tried my best.. Now I can only pray and wait for the result.

Wish me luck :’)


Sincerelly, Bena nDR