Ladies & Gentlemen, Roll The Dice, #3-last

HAPPY 71st ANNIVERSARY, INDONESIA \(=w=)/ Yes, today is Indonesia’s 71st independence anniversary. 😀 May years ahead, Indonesia become a better country, even better than other country. I really hope so.

And so… What do we Pen n Paper RPG players do for celebrating this anniversary? HAVING AN OFFLINE SESSION OF COURSE! XD Hahahaha..

So.. We’re having this offline session of Voyage Order Campaign (the first time offline!). It spreads into few sessions. First session’s player is me (as my NPC, Amery), Dimas (as his NPC, Olivea), Dhamma (as his PC, Shin), Rusdiy (as his NPC, Loopa), Victor (as his NPC, That Guy), Gauden (as his PC, Raxe), and Finiko (as his PC… I forgot the name, sorry >_<||| Since this is his first time playing in VOC).

There’s a reason why I didn’t play as Freyja offline. Remember Freyja got a crush on another character named Eph? Eph’s player is Dimas, which I already think as my own little brother. Somehow it will feel awkward if I play a lovey-dovey character while seeing his face (I bet we will ended up laughing hard). And it seems he think the same. So we play safe. XD 

The session was fun! We had a good laugh. 😀 Here are some sneak peak from the offline session. 😀

Between the break to another session, Captain and his wife, Respi, come to meet us with their children. It’s been a while since the last time I meet them. 😀 Somehow I’m happy to see them with their children like that. 😀 Hope both of them happy together forever.

And so… Since my mom n dad said they’re on the way to Bandung, I gotta take an early leave and can’t play the next sessions. But it’s more than enough I think? 🙂

And with that… My holiday with my friends in Bandung ends here. 😀 Thank you for the good time, guys! 😀 I really enjoy it a lot! See you guys online! 😉

That’s all for now. Jya~ne! 🙂


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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