Sooooo~! Currently there’s a Pen n Paper RPG campaign on going, and as usual, I’m playing as well! Yeeeiii~! 😀

This time’s campaign name is Voyage Order Campaign or simply called VOC, and usual the Chamberlain (or the one promotoring the campaign) is Ryu. The name’s familiar? Well yeah! Somewhat it’s like a parody of VOC in the Indonesian history since the character we play were come from a place or region name Nether which has a lot of lands (Netherlands everyone? :p). Although is sounds the same, but we don’t play with the slavery or colonization settings. It’s more like the voyage to the unknown is the base of this campaign setting. 🙂 Oh, if you’re interested, here‘s the link to the online forum. 😀

So, my character is an 18 years old female Half Aquatic Elf named Solmefreyr Nostariel (should be a mix of Elvish name and Nordic name, which means the ‘the noble born lord of the waves’) or usually called Freyja. Comes from a place named Seaport Kingdom, as the first princess who ran awa from marriage appointment (yes, just like my other character on the previous campaigns. Hahahaha… Me and my creativity). I make her to have a Okinawan – Southern Japan + Hawaiian with a bit mix of Irish – Scottish culture. A place where there’s sea (mostly sea) with mountain at the back side. Well, actually it’s only my way so I can make my character sometimes uses Japanese language and so on. Hahahaha.. Tricky, huh? :p

This time, I didn’t draw for my character. Instead, I’m using an illustration of the character from the game I’m currently playing, Granblue Fantasy. The character’s name is Sig, and I like her so much. 😀 And in the game itself, Sig was a pirate captain. Just perfect for a girl who loves sea, don’t you think? :p Oh, this is how Sig look like!


(Sig and Granblue Fantasy (c) Cygames)

Cool right? I love how she looks strong as a girl. 🙂

The campaign starts on June and is ongoing at the moment. Well, it was planned to go around 3-4 months? But I’m not sure as well… Well… Just see I guess? :p

Somehow this campaign feels a bit different with Ryu’s usual campaign. This time he said he’s going to experiment something. And apparently the one he’s experimenting is Rotating CGM system. Since the setting has the ‘journey’ and the ‘voyage’ feel, the group of PCs move from one region to other region. And each region was planned to have different CGMs. Interesting right? 😀 I thought so.

The first region, which Ryu handle, is The Great Prairie. Where the base main setting is a prairie and grassland. The second region, the current region, was called The Blizzard Adventure. Just as the name said, the land was an eternal snow. A totally different with the one before. It excites me to see what’s the next region will give us. XD

Oh.. By the way.. Somehow this time, my character also ended up having a crush with one of the other character. At first she got a crush with a character named Finn Orpheus. A young guy energetic and naive boy who craft things, especially smithy. He’s one of the first friend Freyja had on this campaign. But since Freyja found out one of the other character got a crush to him, she decided to step back. Since she didn’t like to hurt other girl’s feelings (the quirk of having 13 younger female siblings?). Oh, by the way, this is Finn:


(Yuki from Grandia III (c) Square Enix)

And somehow… Really, somehow… Freyja ended up getting close with a guy named Ephream Este (usually called him Eph), a noble knight from another kingdom. Was said he was the heir for that kingdom. A blonde handsome gentlemen knightly type of guy, which since the first time she met him, she said he is a lady-killer type of guy. And somehow, she ended up become his victim. A bit ironic, huh? Well, they were just normal friends at first, but ended up getting close (although I still think it’s a one sided love :p). And what’s more ironic is… This Eph was (supposed to be, planned to be) other Eph (Ephraem) who was the crush of my other character, Ren (this one). Yep.. Ironic.

Oh, by the way this is how Eph looks like:


(Saber (c) Fate Prototype, dunno who drew this m(_ _)m Sorry)

If I may say… My typical type of guy. HANDSOME BLONDE GUYS!!! Ahahaha…

Well… Let’s see where the story in this campaign brings Freyja. Can’t wait to see how it ends. :p

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! 😉
Sincerelly, Bena nDR







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