Silver Mine Road

So… Around early 2015, around February if I may say.. I played on a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition dedicated campaign called Silver Saints Campaign. It was Ryu’s campaign. At first it was supposed to be a one-shot Dnd 5e test drive session.. But somehow, it ended into a  one dedicated campaign consists of two chapter using the setting of Forgotten Realms.

My character’s name was Serefine Osheroff, a daughter of one of pasha in Calimshan from his concubine. In Calimshan being a girl is seen low and especially if you’re someone who like to do charity. Serefine, was raised not by her mother but by her maids. And since then she often ended up living with her maids and learn how the life outside in Calimshan. Including how the poor  lives et cetera. She ended up realizing not everyone as lucky as her, and she ended up doing charity everywhere, which makes her seen even low by the other ‘nobles’ of Calimshan. And even seen as a  annoying hindrance that she wants to get rid of. Which started Serefine’s journey, when the maids say her mother sends someone to kill her. In order to hide away, she changed her name into Serafina Incendie.


After the one-shot session changed into campaign, I requested Ryu to change her appearance. He said there must be a reason why she changed her appearance. And somehow that reason comes with the story.

Sera with the other characters was asked to investigate a problem regarding undeads and such on around Baldur’s Gate. They traveled from Athkathla as one charter guild named Silver Saints with the maximum members of 12 persons. During the assembly of the charter, they were asked if they want to change their name or not. And Sera decided to change her appearance and name into Incendie Scarlett.


Well, in the end her names all have one same meaning, flames. 😀 Serefine or Serafina is angel of fire. While Incendie means flame. So I think all in a way the same.

On the end of the campaign’s chapter 2, there’s 9 member in the Silver Saint charter: The leader, Michalla Truesilver; The citizen paladin, Romero Domine; The lady merchant inventory,  Vinan Melivan; The dwarf ranger from the North, Bruno Frostbeard and his companion wolf pup, Sundere; The food lover barbarian girl, Aria Perserv; The guys from the far East who loves ladies, Mi Chin; The gnome alchemist, Gully Snapscrew; The weird guy who loves milk, Roadrick; and Sera or now Incendie.

We were hoping that there will be chapter 3 (and Ryu also said he’s prepared for chapter 3, only waiting when to let it out).. But somehow, I can’t wait and ended up drawing how Sera might look like after few years, since Ryu said he will start chapter 3 few years after chapter 2.

And I think after she finds out her killer failed to kill her, she might ended up being a bit relieved and change into her usual Calimshan clothing. So here’s Sera in her normal Calimshan travelling clothing.



Since Sera is also a bard, she must have a performance clothes, right? 😀 And I think Calimshan might have a bit open performance clothing. So I ended up drawing Sera like this:


A bit sexy and her body looks like matured already. But, can’t be helped right? Since it’s already few years after chapter 2. Hahahaha.. :p Can’t wait for chapter 3 to starts. 😀

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! :3


Sincerely, Bena nDR



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