When You Say Nothing At All

On one of the session, one of the Navigators (or PC) was dead. And Faye ended up doing a reincarnation ritual… But due to the player’s request, the PC ended up still dead, and Faye was stressed out because of that. As a devoted druid, she thought that her deity, Elohino (which is equivalent with Gaia in Greek myth), already leave her. Which, she thinks that only her deity will never leave her.

That situation brings her into a full shock and somehow ended up (due to the insanity rolls) makes her unable to speak. And ended up has to talk using writings on her journal to communicate.

On one of the session, she finally meets Rukhe and Rukhe finds out that Faye lost her ability to speak. He then asked Faye to not joining the mission for a while until she’s well. But she doesn’t want to since it means she might not be able to meet Rukhe again. And.. Somehow both of them ended up arguing…  And.. In desperation, Faye ended up hugging Rukhe and cried.

And Rukhe only said 1 sentences, “Sorry I’m not there when it happens..” Or something like that.. (I forgot the precise words)

I tried to draw the scene and this is how it looks like..


Somehow I’m not satisfied with the background and ended up editing it. And remembers, that on that session, the sky is supposed to be beautiful sunset color. So I ended up changing the background into this. 😀


Somehow I like it better. 😀 What do you think? 😀

Anyways, that’s all for now. Can’t wait for another [scene] between Faye and Rukhe to draw.

Jya~ne! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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