FINALLY!!! Got the chance to write again here.. πŸ˜€ Hohohoho!!

So, today me and Ryu accompanies Big Bro and his friends (Shandy and a girl named Nancy) on a trip to Universal Studio Japan. πŸ˜€ Nancy is new to Japan since she just arrived in January, while Shandy already in Japan since last year’s January, but he haven’t got Β the chance to go to USJ, so Big Bro decided to invite them to USJ. Well, me and Ryu got the annual pass, so it’s no big deal for us! Ufufufu πŸ™‚


And so, after meeting up at Umeda Station, we continue our trip to USJ!

WOHOO!! It’s been quite some time since the last time I go there. It gives me excitement! Ufufufu!

And so… We arrived at Universal City Station! YEI! πŸ˜€ This time I didn’t bring my usual camera, and decided to test my phone’s camera. Hehehehe :p


And this new hotel finally finishes (well, the last time I go there it’s already finished too actually :p So! We decided to make a commemoration photo! Hohoho!!! \(OwO)/ RANGER POSE!!! This time, Nyu’s position is filled with Nancy. Hahaha..

DSC_0158Β DSC_0165

And so… We walk closer to the gate and…


IT’S RENOVATED!!! (OAO|||) But look how they closed the gateΒ for renovation! It looks cool! πŸ˜€ Although I will say it won’t work if the sky is cloudy, but it might work on summer’s blue sky. Hehehe.. :p


Elmo’s back home! πŸ˜€ Wkwkwk.. Joking :p

Anyways, when we enter the gate (after buying tickets with Nancy’s birthday special promo), we found few character’s on the loose. And look who I found hiding behind the pillar! πŸ˜€


It’s BERT! πŸ˜€ And I even got the chance to take a picture with him although he looks like running away from me. XD Thank you, Bert~<3


And on the way… We also meet this cool guys.. Trio Macho Doraemon! πŸ˜€ I asked them to pose freely, and they discussed how Doraemon supposed to pose, and this is how they pose in the end. MACHO!!! πŸ˜€


Oh, currently (until June if I’m not mistaken) there is this Cool Japan event in Universal Studio Japan. There’s this special event and attraction from 4 majorΒ titles and 1 artist: Evangelion (another 4D ride! Yei!), Attack on Titan (this time with a 4D ride as well!), Monster Hunter, Bio Hazard (as usual! :D), and Kyari Pamyu Pamyu! πŸ˜€

When we arrived, we saw the Attack on Titan: The Real’s 4D line and decided to get on line for the ride. And we wait wait wait… For around… 180 minutes.. Hahahaha…

DSC_0185Β DSC_0190

We look like refugees aren’t we? Fufufufu…

Well… We wait for aroundΒ 3 hours and finally enters the ride. Which… I may say… A bit disapointing for me. 😦 Well, I’m not a fan of Attack on Titan to be honest. I don’t even read the manga or watch the anime. So I don’t know the characters. But I think the ride is also a bit dull, if compared to last year’s Evangelion: The Real 4D ride. So… Yeah… A bit disapointing for me. 😦

Oh, here are some stands selling the merchandise for the Cool Japan event. πŸ˜€

DSC_0183Β DSC_0188

So.. After waiting for like 3 hours, we were famished. Since we haven’r had any lunch. And since Shandy and Nancy brings some meal with them, we decided to buy something easy to eat (and not so pricey). Our choice goes tooooo…


I always love USJ’s Turkey Leg. πŸ˜€ It’s BIG!!! And filling :9 See how big it is? πŸ˜€ It’s a bit pricey (well.. 800 yen?), but worth it in my opinion. ;p

DSC_0192Β DSC_0194

So we continue to walk to see the Monster Hunter Cross area to see the exhibition. Was hoping it would be like last year’s exhibition. πŸ˜€


And we were welcomed by… *drum rolls*



Dinovaldo is one of the newΒ monsters in Monster Hunter Cross. And we can take a picture riding it! πŸ˜€ Yehehei! Next time I’ll take a pic there for sure!

And so, we continues our walk to the exhibition…


As usual, one of their exhibition is armor exhibition πŸ˜€ These are the special Universal Studio Japan x Monster Hunter collaboration armor πŸ˜€


And of course… The weapons!!! \(*//A//*)/ I’m a hammer user in Monster Hunter Cross, and I’m in love with this one…


And then.. Of course.. The main show (besides of meet n greet with Airou which I cannot attend πŸ˜₯ ) is these!!!

ZinogreΒ (Jinouga in Japanese)Β and Rathalos (Liolaeus in Japanese)!!! We can see Zinogre roar and Rathalos breathes fire!!! YEAH!!! Somehow me and RyuΒ almost instinctively rolls to dodge the attack. XD Thankfully we didn’t do it.. :p

DSC_0244Β DSC_0250

Although I must admit it, this year’s exhibition is less merrier than last year’s exhibition. Too bad…

And so.. Since today is Sunday, the park is crowded with people. So we need a special ticket to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area. And finally we can enter it for a glass of Butterbeer. And of course, before entering the Hogsmeade, it’s time toooo…



And so.. We enter the wizard’s world. I’m homeeee~~!!!! \(>w<)/ As usual… It’s photo taking time!!! \(OAO)/


DSC_0270Β DSC_0271DSC_0274Β DSC_0278

And we were lucky, today the sky was so beautiful blue. So I can get a beautiful picture of Hogwarts castle. πŸ™‚


And time to enjoy the treat! :9 This one is Choco Truffle + Butterbeer πŸ˜€


This one is.. To be honest, I don’t know the name. But it’s somewhat like nougat taste :9 And yep, it’s tasty! πŸ˜€


And I keep on laughing everytime I saw this sign.


I wonder ifΒ anyone ever get bitten after feeding a dragon or other wingedΒ creatures? XD Fufufu..

So, after enjoying our time looking at the beautiful view of Hogwarts while enjoying a glass of Butterbeer, we decided to take the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ride. πŸ˜€ This time, I’m gambling trying to use my glasses. :p (Usually I took off my glasses to prevent it from slipping away from my ears) And luckily, it’s stays! πŸ˜€ When we walk outside the castle, it was dark already. πŸ™‚ And we got the night Hogsmeade view! Love it! πŸ˜€


And after going out from the wizard’s world back to the muggle world, we decided to take the last ride for today. We took the JAWS ride. And you won’t believe what I saw lining on the ride: Professor Dumbledore and Voldemort! They become friends in the muggle world??? To bad I can’t take a picture of them since they line too far. 😦

We were on our way back home when suddenly we saw few person entering the Evangelion: The Real 4D ride, andΒ Ryu rushing to ask if we still be able to enter the ride. But unfortunately the crew said only 4 person can enters, so we asked Big Bro, Shandy and Nancy to enter. While us? We can enter anytime we want next time with the Annual Pass. :p

So, while waiting, I decided to do a little bit of shopping~! πŸ˜‰ Ufufufu…

And after some time waiting, the guys finished the ride with a satisfied face and grins. Somehow it’s glad to see at least they’re happy at the end of the day.


What’s a trip to USJ without taking a detour to Osaka Takoyaki Museum, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰ These tasty takoyaki awaits to fill my tummy! Yummy! :9


Stomach is full and warm with takoyaki! Now time to go home!

Going back to Umeda station, look who I found as a brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton? πŸ˜€


And with that, today’s adventure ended here. πŸ˜€

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! πŸ™‚


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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