Let’s Nyans!

Sooooo.. In Japan, today is [Cat’s Day]!!! \(OwO)/ Nyan nyan!

You might be wondering why today become [Cat’s Day] in Japan? Actually the reason is simple. February 22 is written 2月22日 in Japanese. And 2 reads [ni] in Japanese. And in Japanese, cats sound [nyan] which is written [ni-yan] in hiragana (or katakana). Starting to get the pun? 😀

Well, it’s not an official day, but more like unofficial fun day. 😀 But nevertheless, a lot of shop use it as a ‘theme’ for the shop. 😀

And so.. To add the ‘cat-ness’ for today, please enjoy Monster Hunter X’s Neko Musume song, [Let’s Nyans]! 😉

Have a nyans day! Hope you have a purrfect day today! 😉 Jya~ne!


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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