Animal Song

So… Currently, as I wrote here, I’m playing on a DnD 5th Edition campaign called FUN. And somehow, the story goes quite unexpected for me. Especially for one of the PC, Felicia Faye.

At first, I tried to make Faye with the mindset of she’s the daughter of my previous campaign, Nuevo Mundo’s PC (Playable Character), Rosemary Livingstone‘s daughter (although in the campaign, Mary only has a son, not daughter). And as usual, I always tries to find some [romance] in every campaign, and search for the possibilities of it. But different with Mary who already knows from the start what [LOVE] is, I make Faye as an oblivious girl who knows nothing about [LOVE]. Thus her search for what is [LOVE] and the best taste (which is said food eat with the one you love) begun!

To be honest, when the campaign started, I already put my eye on several other PCs, well.. To be frankly, 3 PCs. One is a paladin with blond hair blue grey-ish eyes name Skyler Embershield, one is a self proclaimed farm-boy with grey hair and Jack Frost lookalike face named Joseph Riziere, and an albino Druid-Warlock from the jungle named Rukhe Femaab. If this is an [Otome Game] or [Dating Simulation], then my priority will go to Skyler. And that’s what I do.But.. Somehow, there’s a lot of story going on. Including Skyler suddenly falls for a dwarven girl, but decided to break her heart (instead of trying to built a relationship with her) with the reason Dwarf and Human can’t live together; Faye falls for Skyler but Skyler being too nice to every girl which makes Faye feels not special thus broken heart as well; Riziere becomes a lady killer in a way, making a lot of girls fall for her, but he insist on being no-romance guy, but in the end finally built a relationship with a girl named Rebecca; Skyler finally falls for Faye but already too late; and Faye ended up falling in love with Rukhe due to simple reasons: she can be herself in front of Rukhe.

Yep, now Faye is falling head over heals to this druid. And as usual, if my PC falls for someone, I ended up drawing them together many times. And this time it’s quite different. Since Rukhe is also a druid, which can shapeshift, I ended up drawing Rukhe in his usual shapeshift (Bear, Fox, and Dire Wolf) form. And here it looks like…

Faye & Bear Rukhe:


Faye & Fox Rukhe:rukhe-fox-n-faye-small

Faye & Dire Wolf Rukhe:rukhe-wolf-n-faye-small

Well, I’ve drawn them as both human before, but this time it’s a bit challenge for me. Why? I’m never good with drawing animals. And here I have to draw animals. So yep, it’s indeed a challenge, but in other way it’s also fun! πŸ˜€

I guess that’s all for now. Critique and comment regarding the drawings are always welcome! πŸ˜‰

Jya~ne! πŸ˜€


Sincerely, Bena nDR



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