Independent Women

After some time not drawing anything, I started to draw again! \(=w=)/ This time, it’s an illustration of my PC for a Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader Pen n Paper campaign which  I’m joining. 😀 (here’s the forum for the campaign)


My character’s name is Ambrosia Chamaver. 😀 Different from my previous Rogue Trader campaign (which I’m playing a missionary class character), this time, I’m making a Rogue Trader class character. 😀 A new adventure for me, since I have to think of the fluff of her ship and such. :p 


As usual, my PC is from a nobility background, but run away and hated her nobility background. XD (it’s so tipical of my character XD)

 ambrosia-chamaver-armor   ambrosia-after-war

But to make it a bit different with my character untill now on, Ambrosia (or usually called Ann) came from the Military background. She’s an ex-Imperial Guard (you can see the tattoo on her arms, it’s the Imperial Guard’s symbol if I’m not mistaken :p), and she fights using her fists. Yep, fists. She uses double handed power fist! 😀 She still uses one on this picture, but right now, she uses two power fists and a power armour. 😀


Overall, this was planned to be a short mini-campaign (around 3 months), and this is already the second month.. So, yeah.. Will be a bit sad to say goodbye to her. But, live must go on and there’ll be a new other character I believe. 😀

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! 😀



Bena nDR


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