So… Today… Somehow I found an unusual view near my house. 😀 A group of guys bringing mikoshi around my area. 😀 Although I don’t know what’s the event but it looks interesting.

At first I didn’t realize there’s an event near my house. Since today Ryu is going to Sendai for a conference, I decided to loafing around all day long. Suddenly I heard a taiko like sound, and reflex run out to see what’s going on around to no avail. :/

I only saw few girls and guys using white hakama, and at that time, I remembered that there’s an event today. But.. I thought the event was over. So, I decided to go back again home. 😥

Few minutes loafing around again, and suddenly the taiko sound started again. This time, I grabbed my camera and run around looking the source of the sound.

And luckily, I found it! 😀 Here’s the source of the sound! 😀

DSCN1019 DSCN1021 DSCN1022 DSCN1024 DSCN1027 DSCN1028 DSCN1029 DSCN1031 DSCN1033

It’s just a short trip, but quite an unusual view. Well, not everyday you can see mikoshi hold around near your house, right? 😀

Hehehe… 😀 I guess that’s all for now. Hope Ryu’s doing fine in Sendai. 🙂

Jya~ne! 😀

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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