So… Few days ago, suddenly my glasses broke.. Well.. I don’t know if you can say it broke or not.. But the frame snapped..


I ended up taping it with some washi tape to make sure I can still use it for a while. But it really annoys me, and makes me can’t concentrate, since it keeps on sliding from my nose.. ;'(

So… Finally I did one thing which I always wanted to do since back then.. Buy a glasses. 😐 Ans my choice goes to J!NS glasses, since I’m a bit thight in budget, and I remembered that J!NS glasses are not that expensive.

At first, I was feeling insecure on how to order, and how will it costs, since my glasses was sooooooo thick (I got minus 5 and 6 on my left and right eyes).. In Indonesia, my glasses always ended up pricey due to the lenses. (._. ) So yeah.. I’m afraid to buy glasses.

But things must be done right? (‘_’ )

In the end, I ended up going to J!NS outlet at Kyoto Station and search for the cheapest glasses with the color I want (somehow due to some reason, I want to buy red frame glasses). The price was 5.900 JPY (with additional of 8% tax it should goes like.. 6.200 JPY?).

So, apparently there’s 3 steps in the way to order glasses  in J!NS. First we order which kind of frame and make sure the size of the lens. After you finished there, you move on to the next step, paying. When the payment has been done, now all you have to do is wait. Usually they will take around 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I got to wait 30 minutes for my glasses. And what’s really shocking for me was.. They really really DIDN’T ADD any ADDITIONAL COST for the lens! They even gave me a glass box (which I can choose what color I want!)


And this is how my glasses turns out. 😀

KakaoTalk_20150508_230147952 KakaoTalk_20150508_231043003

It’s awesome! (OAO) And I’ll deffinitely buy another glasses there next time! \(OAO)/

Interested? 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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