Yesterday night, when I walk home with my big nro and Ryu, we realized there’s a lot of fire fighters on Karasuma Street. We wonder what just happened? Curious, we decided to look closer..


20150206-044930.jpg   20150206-044952.jpg  20150206-045002.jpg

Apparently there’s a fire on one of the wooden house near the main Karasuma Street. It looks like the fire is quite big since there’s a tall tree near the house which looks completely burnt… (>_<|||)
Today I heard that the main cause of the fire of because a child put a wooden toy inside a toaster.

Apparently on that time, there are only 2 kids with their grandma. Grandma and 1 of the kid succed on escaping the fire, but unfortunately the other kid didn’t make it. I really wish the kid rest in peace.

I don’t know why.. But in Japan, Fire often happens during winter. So I think it is wise to keep watch on the things on your house and to keep watch on your kids. I really wish there is no more accident like this.. 😦

I guess that’s all for now.. Jya ne!

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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