In The Green

These days I’m feeling like want to write a lot of things.. Well.. Why not right? Let’s just start writing again..! 😀

So, today is my last day of seminar class. 😀 Since it’s the last day, last week my supervisor lecturer, Takemiya Keiko-sensei (know for her work Toward The Terra, Kaze to Ki no Uta, and others. In Indonesia I only say Mirage.. :/) said she want to had the last class by holding a lunch at a small cafe in Kitayama area near Kyoto Botanical Garden, which she knew. The cafe’s name is In The Green. It’s a trattoria-pizzaria-pasta-Italian cafe. 😀

Actually, it’s my first time stopping at Kitayama station. I never been to the area before, and a chic looking cafe are usually expensive so it’s definitely a no no for a student like me. But I guess today’s an exception. :p Well, a change once in a while is always good right? 😀

When I arrived there, the others are already there (except for Takemiya-sensei which makes me relieved :D). This is Cho I and Ri Ganfu on the left picture (from left to right) and Shu Shogen and Sai Shin on the right picture. 😀 They’re my seminar mates. All of us are supervised by Takemiya-sensei, all of them are from China (well, I’m the only one from South East Asia in Manga Graduate School: practical course). 🙂

Photo 2015-01-21 4 14 51 Photo 2015-01-21 4 14 53

The cafe is so cute.. And chic looking.. I was mesmerized.. It’s definitely a cafe which I won’t enter due to the expensive looking.. We can also see the Botanical Garden from the cafe. I bet it will be pretty during Spring. (O_O ) ( O_O) Not so long, Takemiya-sensei arrived. Apparently, her house is near this cafe (well, her real house is in Kyushu . I guess this is just a place where she stay during working days). 😀

Photo 2015-01-21 4 14 44 Photo 2015-01-21 4 14 57 Photo 2015-01-21 4 15 03Photo 2015-01-21 4 15 10

Even the small details are chic and cute 🙂 I love the seagull logo. 😀 It’s so cute. (>w<)b

Photo 2015-01-20 11 54 47 Photo 2015-01-21 4 15 06

The menu was not that much. But all of the menu looks tempting for me. :9 Although the price is a bit high for me.. But let’s just hope it’s worth the price. 😀 I decided to order Today’s Special Menu. 😀 Let’s see how it turns out..

Photo 2015-01-21 4 14 59

It turns out.. Shocking.. (O_O) Even for me, the portion is so big… Apparently the price include soup, salad and bread (or rice if you want to). I ended up didn’t even touch the bread, since Takemiya-sensei also ordered Margerita Pizza and Pizza of The Day (mushroom and chicken pizza) to share. It was very tasty! (but I ended up only took 1 slice since I must finish my own food as well) 😀 The price is not so expensive after all. 😀

Photo 2015-01-20 12 06 04

Everyone is eating with smile and chatting. 😀

Photo 2015-01-20 12 06 07 Photo 2015-01-20 12 06 12

This is Ikeda Mika, Takemiya-sensei teaching assistant. 😀 She really helps us this 2 year with everything, especially in Japanese checking. 😀

Photo 2015-01-20 12 06 19

And this is Takemiya Keiko-sensei. 😀 I always love to see how she can always look very chic, classy yet simple all the time. 😀 Somehow she reminds me of my mom. 🙂

Photo 2015-01-20 12 06 24

And here we are (with the food :p). Thanks to one of the waitress who helped taking this picture. :3

Photo 2015-01-20 12 07 37

And believe it or not.. After all those stomach feeling food, they even gave us a dessert as a service. 😀 I don’t know what is this, but it taste like Panna Cota with Mango Sauce. :9 It taste good! I finished it in no time. 😀 Tehe!

Photo 2015-01-20 12 38 11

And so, after some chats and discussion on what we’ll do after graduation and what we’re going to wear during graduation (somehow it ended up with I’m going to use Balinese clothing. Must start dieting then.. ( ._.)>), we ended the lunch since Takemiya-sensei still has meeting to attend.

Takemiya-sensei, thank you very much for this 2 years! Thank you for all this time, it was a very pleasant time being supervised by you. To be honest, one day I want to be a lecturer and a mangaka just like you. 🙂 I hope I can achieved it. 😀

Well, after separating with the others, I didn’t directly go back home. I decided to take a short walk on Shijo and have a glass of Ice Cappuccino at St. Marc’s cafe and have some me time. 🙂 These days my head is so stuffed with a lot of things. :p

Photo 2015-01-20 15 38 51

Somehow, just want to enjoy my time alone for now.. 🙂

After few hours of sitting and writing scribbles on my notebook, I decided to go back home. 😀 And here I am now, writing with my fluffy blanket on. 😀 It’s been a nice day. 🙂 I hope today went well for you as well 😀

That’s all for now I guess. Jya~ne! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR



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