Bon anniversaire, nos vœux les plus sincères

Happy belated 29th birthday to myself 😀 You might call me narcisstic for congratulate myself. I say I’m just being me :p

So.. This year, not like other years, I didn’t spend some cash and time specially.. To be honest, not like other years where I was so excited about my birthday to the extent I woke up early just to spend my whole birthday to the fullest, nope, this year I went on a different pace.. Which in a way also shock me a bit..

I woke up late today.. Cancel my plan on watching Drakskip’s life performance (although I’ve waited weeks).. Go to Kyoto station just to have simple lunch on AEON.. Triying something I never ate before: Korean food in Japan.. This one:
Spend some time on Uniqlo buying clothes for my big bro’s winter preparation.. Play some crane game and bought something for myself.. Playing Gunslinger Stratos 2 on an arcade at Shijo with Ryu n my big bro..

And also.. Eating parfait as the substitute of my birthday cake..

We spend some time at Shijo untill all the shops are closed.. And somehow found this restaurant:
Sweets of Ninja!!!
It supposed to be an all you can eat sweets restaurant.. Somehow I feel kinda interested to try :9
Maybe next time I’ll try 😀 And enter through this cool looking door :3

By the way, I also got few presents from Ryu and my big bro 😀

This one is from Ryu. But since there’s a myth about not giving perume and clothes to your partner, he sold this to me on a cheap price :p I love this perfume, so I have no probs with it :
This one is a gift from my self from the ufo catcher (crane game) 😀 I got it on one try XD
And this earphone and boots are from my big brother 😀
I love this boots! It’s not pricey but it’s comfortable and also functional 😉

And with that, my birthday is a wrap up 🙂 Although I got a bit mood swing at the end, but overall it’s a nice day 😀

I guess that’s all for now 😀 See you again and have a nice day 😉

Jya~ne! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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