La Vida Es Un Carnaval part 1

Hyahooooo!!! Let’s get the carnaval starteeedddd!!! \(=w=)/ Ufufufu.. Finally has the time to write here.. Although can only write on the run using my iPod since I don’t bring my beloved laptop, Oharu, with me :p

Currently I am at Jember, a small city in East Java, Indonesia, with my family. Why am I here? Well..

Every year, Jember has an event called Jember Fashion Carnaval. It was almost look alike Brazilian Carnaval. And somehow I heard that this Jember carnaval was already know worldwide. So my mom thought, since I’m having a holiday in Indonesia and available, why not as well look at the event? And so, here we are (after travelling quite far from Jakarta to Jember)..

The main event or the Grande Carnaval is tomorrow, so today we only exchange the ticket for tomorrow’s show. And my dad decided to buy some souvenir T-shirts.

To be honest… There’s some trouble during exchanging the ticket, since we don’t know where to exchange. So we tried to go to the event’s location. Who knows the staffs there will help.

Apparently, the staff there wasn’t very nice to us, and during explaining about how to exchange the ticket, the staffs explain it with words (they use only the acronim name of the place) which I guess only the locals know. I even must ask one more time to know about the name of the place, since they keep on saying the acronim. And the tone of their way of talking is a bit harsh in my opinion.

While on the place for the ticket exchange, in front of the door, there’s a big banner telling about that there’s the ticketing box there. But when we enter inside, we were confised where to exchange the ticket. Theres only receptionist, pile of boxes, and a table with chairs and few people like staffs there. No sign whatsoever on where to exchange. So we were a bit confused.

At first I thought, oh maybe it’s only us. But apparently there are also another person who was confused as well and ended up ask us on were to exchange (we were near the door at that time).

It was too bad in my opinion, since this is an international event, but why the system was not that good. It’s good we can ask. How about foreigners who can’t speak Indonesian???

I only hope next year’s arrangement and such will be better.

Ah, here are few pics I took on the ticket exchange place:




And this is the T-shirt my dad bought me ;p



I gues that’s all for now. I’ll make sure to take pics a lot tomorrow.

Jya~ne! πŸ˜‰

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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