Random Stories : Love Through Time #1

“Passenger for Bandung, 10.45 AM, please proceeds to the shuttle.”

The announcement from the shuttle travel guy brought me back from my daydream which I’ve been doing ever since I start waiting for my shuttle travel. Actually at this moment I was waiting to go from Jakarta to Bandung using the shuttle travel service which I always use.

In Jakarta besides of using train, one of the convenient way to go to Bandung is using shuttle travel service. And since there is one shuttle travel service near my house, I often use this. With a half sigh, I pick up my backpack which I put at the floor near my foot, and walk toward the shuttle car.

“..Seat number 5… Number 5…” while mumbling my seat number, I look around while checking the numbers written at the side of each seat. After finding seat number 5, I sit and pull out my beloved pink iPod which always accompany me everywhere anytime. Especially on long trips, since Jakarta to Bandung will took around 3 hours more or less.

While using my headphone and start playing my iPod, I realized that there’s an envelope lying near my foot. Maybe it accidentally falls when I pull out my iPod. I pick it up and try to remove the dust from its surface. I can only smile bitterly while staring at the envelope. A letter  which makes me decided on this trip to Bandung today.


Whispery, I read the sender of the letter. The name which feels like long time I haven’t heard. My boyfriend’s name. Or maybe more correct if I say my ex. Although I’m a bit confused if someone ask me to describe our relationship.




(Suddenly a letter from you arrived… Ever since that day, your voice unheard…

Now I’m going to see you… Summer has turned back again…)


The song [Tosuzen] from Field of View played in my iPod feels like understanding my feeling at this time. And in no time, my memory turns back into the past.

I met Ray when I was a university student in a campus in Bandung. I who is a Japan maniac, was totally excited when introduced to Ray who is 3 years older than me and has half Japanese blood by my senior at the Japanese Culture Club in my university 7 years ago. As time goes by, we started to get close. And in the end of our 1st year friendship, we decided to start our relationship as a couple.

After 2 years of relationship, suddenly at the 3rd year we fought so hard to the point of I decided not to call him anymore. Which it seems like he decided the same thing as well. And finally we didn’t contact each other anymore for 3 years, hanging our relationship without clarity of how our relationship is. Even now, I can’t remember well what cause our hard fight. If I’m not mistaken it’s just some simple matter.




(Suddenly the wind blows… What are you searching inside the imagination…

Looks like going to collapse… Pull me closer…)



In 3 years, a lot of things happened. I graduate from my university in Bandung and decided to take a master degree in a campus in Jakarta so I can stay closer to my parents. Which of course the distance between Jakarta and Bandung which is not that close makes me began lost contact and news about Kou. The last thing I hear about him is, he helped one of a lecturer in the campus’s project. And he was planning to go to Japan or so.

Three years goes calmly and monotonous for me. Until suddenly last week, a letter from Kou arrived at my house in Jakarta. At first I was resistant on opening the letter, and even thinking of throwing it to the dust bin. But apparently, my curiosity wins.

How is he? What is he doing now? Where is he now? Is he with another woman now?

 And a lot of questions just filled my mind. Finally I decided to open the letter and read it. My curiosity wins from my ego and pride. It took days for me to finally decide to open it.

The letter is simple. Just some usual greetings, asking how I am doing here, what I’m doing right now, and so on. But at the end of the letter, he wrote one word which makes me hurriedly pick up my phone and booked shuttle travel for the next day which is today.


One word in Japanese which is simple but can mean a lot. “Aitai” Can also means “I want to meet you” or “I miss you”… Which apparently… I also feel the same. Until I decided to go today.



(Just like that day… I want to hold you…)


I look at the scenery outside. Because I was to absorbed into my daydreaming, without realizing it, the shuttle car has arrived at km 90 of Cipularang Higway. If I’m not mistaken… Km 90 is one of the area where there are a lot of accident happens. Just thinking of a lot of accident happened on this area makes me have goose bumps. It feels somewhat eerie.

Trying to get rid of the discomfort feeling, I tried to close my eyes. There’s still some time to take a rest before arriving at Bandung if I’m not mistaken.

If feels like just a while after I close my eyes, something beyond my imagination happened. Suddenly a loud sound of a car break can be heard. Other passengers scream which followed with a hard bumping sound. The next second, I feel like my body is floating in midair. I tried to open my eyes, but when I opened my eyes, everything is too late.


“..ru… Oha… ru… Oharu…”

From far away, I heard some one calling. It feels like calling me. But… Who is Oharu..? I don’t know her. My name is not Oharu.

“Oharu! Wake up Oharu..!”

I feel somebody or something is shaking my body. My eyes feel so heavy. I tried to open it with all my might and slowly the darkness which fills my surrounding turns into a blurry view.

In front of me, there’s a guy staring at me with a worried face. Both of his hands are on my arms. It seems that he’s the one shaking me. His face looks like Japanese. Black messy wavy hair, a bit long. His clothes look like the costume of Japan from long ago which often seen in Japanese history dramas, black with white stripes hakama and black upper garment with a star and flower symbol on the side.


His face looks familiar… But I can’t remember… Where have we met..? I think I forgot… But, somehow… His face makes me feel longing of something which I don’t even remember… involuntarily, I smiled.

And I lost my conscious again…




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