Gone Gone Gone

Last Sunday, Ryu has gone back to Japan, leaving me here in Indonesia. (=w=)a Well.. He has his own stuffs to do in Kyoto, like his papers, journals, and such. While for me? I still have a family to entertain. 🙂 I won’t meet them in a short time, so I prefer to enjoy my time here.

But today when I hear this song, somehow I remember Ryu and feel kinda miss him more than I usually do. 😥 Well.. This song was one of the memorable song on our date on Universal Studio Japan.. 🙂

Every time I listen this song, I can easily rewind the memories of that day. How we smiled and laugh while strolling around at USJ with this song as the background.. I can even easily remember the location on which I hear this song in USJ.. Weird huh? :p

Well.. It might be hard to live separated for few weeks.. But I’m sure when I go back to Japan, we can be together again and smile together again while enjoying our days there. Struggling for our studies and life. 🙂

Hang in there, Ryu! (=w=)/ I know you can do it! Good luck for your research! 😀

Jya~ne! 🙂


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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