Finally… After a half and a year… The Pen n Paper RPG campaign which I was playing is closed for sure. The story, the games, and such. It’s officially over, closed by Ryu, as the Central Game Master. ( ._.) The campaign name is Nuevo Mundo. I think I’ve write about it here in this blog. 🙂

Somehow, it’s weird. I feel kinda sad but also relieved and happy at the same time. I feel sad since Rosemary Livingstone is my favorite PC up until now. She’s the only PC I have so far which grow up from a small 15 years old girl into a 17 year old full fledged mother with one son. ( ‘w’) In the other hand, I’m also happy and relieved, since I can start playing as another character with a new start, and with no other PC to hold me behind. 🙂 So.. Yeah, it’s a bit mixed feelings for me.. 🙂

So.. Farewell for now, Rosemary.. 😀 Thank you for all those days together. I will never forget you as one of my lovable PC. (TTwTT)/I’m sure I’m gonna miss u..

And here’s a song which I always think suitable to picture Mary 😀 (although not the drowning part <_<|||)

That’s all for now, I guess.. Jya~ne! 🙂


Sincerely, Bena nDR



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