Neko Hanten Menu Song


Ni Hao! \(=w=)/ Ufufufu.. Suddenly got the urge to use Chinese. :p I forgot to write it down here, but last month, a classmate of mine, Chou I, brought me and Ryu to a Chinese restaurant. She said it’s an authentic one since it taste just like the one in China (She’s a Chinese nationality student :D) and the one who had the restaurant is from Taiwan, where the taste in Taiwan is one of the best she said. 😀 Ryu is very fond of Chinese food, so he was so excited. (^^)>

So, with the feeling of will be going to a Chinese restaurant, I skipped lunch! And prepare for my stomach for a full course dinner. \(=w=)/ YEI!!!

We decided to meet not far from Shugakuin Station, since the restaurant is not so far from there. Too bad I forgot the restaurant’s name, but next time I’ll write down the name and the map as well for sure! (>_<)g The shop is small. If we didn’t be careful, we might not realize it’s a Chinese food restaurant, since the owner also has an English class course and a small travel biro as well. 🙂

Unfortunately, when we enter the shop, the owner said that it’s a day off. I was like “Awwww… That’s sad…” But suddenly, I don’t know what Chou I’s discussing with the auntie, but suddenly, we can eat there! Although she said she can only prepare simple dishes. HIP HIP HURRAY!!! \(TTATT)/ I DON’T CARE! I WANT CHINESE FOOD! BANZAAAIII!!!

And so, we sat at the restaurant, and my eyes starting to look around.

DSCN9274_1200x900 DSCN9275_1200x900 DSCN9276_1200x900

There are only like.. 4 to 5 tables.. Not that much.. But it’s cozy. 😀 I like the feeling of a different world from the outside. I reaaly feel like I’m entering another world, with all the Chinese kanji and such. 😀

After we sit, we were given a cup of Chinese tea (Oolong tea :D). I was sooooo excited when I smell the scent of the Oolong tea. Chinese tea was always one of my favorite tea ever since my parents bring me to Chinese restaurant when I was a kid. They always order a pot of Chinese tea with small cups, and I always ask for a cup since the scent is different. And the Oolong tea served at this restaurant is just the same like that! 😀 And to make things better, we didn’t have to order it to drink one. I’m so happy!!! (=///=)

DSCN9278_1200x900 DSCN9279_1200x900

Oh, we also get some salted spinach pickled like. I don’t know the name, but it taste good and taste nostalgic. (=///=)I love the taste. Well, I never been someone who fond of pickles, but this one is definitely my favorite. Although I’m still not sure to call this dish a pickle or not. :p


This is Chou I, my classmate. 😀

So, after discussing for a while what to order, since both me and Ryu don’t eat pork, which a bit troublesome when eating food where usually use pork as their main dish, we decided to order Mayonnaise Shrimp Fritter, Stir Fry Vegetable, and Tofu only Mapo Tofu (since the usual Mapo Tofu used pork :p We ask not to use any meat, and the auntie was so nice to hear our request :D).

When the food arrives, both me and Ryu squeaked in joy. And the taste? Worth of not eating lunch, so I can eat to my fullest. (=///=) I feel so happy!

DSCN9282_1200x900 DSCN9283_1200x900 DSCN9284_1200x900

Actually this is my first time eating the real Mapo Tofu, since the one I’m eating in my hometown usually taste a bit different (I never order one, only ask for a taste from my friend’s plate :p). We ended up struggling to finish all the dishes since the portion is so big. But Ryu was so happy so all the dishes can be finish. Gosh, it’s so delicious.

So, after finishing the meal and feeling stuffed with happiness, we have a nice chat with the auntie. Apparently she had learn Indonesian language once. And her pronunciation is nice as well. 😀

Overall, the restaurant is very nice. It’s a total worth of the price and the taste. I’ll definitely want to go there again next time. 🙂 If you like Chinese food, or you’re a Chinese nationality student living in Kyoto and miss hometown flavor, why not try this restaurant. 😉

I guess that’s all for now. 😀 Jya~ne! 🙂


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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