Short Story: Blood Moon ~A Jasminea Kingdom Side Story~

“…Ng…? Where.. is..this…? Altar..?”

“ …Eh..? Blood..? ..But.. Whose..?”



“Miss Vivian, it’s about time to go on stage”

“Ah, okay. I’ll be there in a minute..”

A long brunette haired girl stands from her sit place. She stares at the mirror for a second. She stood still while making sure for how she looks. Make up, check. Costume, check. All in all, check. It’s show time. With a nod, she’s sure she’s ready to go. With a light steps, she make her way to the stage.

“Let’s give a big applause and welcome the primmadonna: VIVIAN NOVALUNE!!!!”

The MC of the show announces her appearance while giving her the space at the stage. The girl is Vivian Novalune, a famous dancer and singer who travels around from one city to another, from one village to another, to perform and make money for a living. Right now, she’s one of the most famous primmadonna who was known for her dances and singing on taverns around the land. Nobody knows who she really is, or her background. But the tavern owners just don’t care. To show Vivian Novalune means to get a lot of cash for them.


Slowly, Vivian starts do dance. Small bells wrapped on her wrist started to sound, making a harmony aligned with her body moves. She starts to sing, a soft but strong and clear voice which floated beautifully, mesmerizing all who hear it. Makes them feel comfortable and cozy. The dance moves mesmerized the audience.  No one dares to avert their face away from her, afraid they might lose something beautiful.

Everyone stares at her. Everyone is watching her. She just smiles, smile, and smile. While keep on dancing.


The sound of the bells tells the audience that the show is over. A big round of applause can be heard from inside the tavern. People who accidentally pass by the tavern outside, turns to see what’s the commotion about, and when they know about it, they regret not knowing earlier. Encore requests can be heard many times inside the tavern, asking Vivian to perform once again. Answering the request, Vivian just take a bow deeply, greets the audience, and go backstage with a smile. Make few of the audience groaning in disappointed.


Slowly, Vivian closed the door to her changing room. She stared at the mirror and rubbed her face slowly. A bit pale. While playing with her hair and change her perform costume to a casual clothes, she stares at the window. The full moon shines bright at the starry sky. It shines with a bright reddish color. Bloody moon..

“Maybe it’s time..,” she said with a smile on her face. A smile? Or is it a grin..?


“Ng… ng…”

Slowly but sure, Ribenna tries to open her eyes. She feels cold. Somehow her body feels freezing. Everything is dark here, pitch-dark. Makes her shivers a bit. She might not scared of darkness, but she doesn’t like something that she doesn’t know. Slowly, her eyes started to accustomed with the darkness. She found herself on top at an altar. Don’t know where, she can’t recognize a thing. She didn’t even remember how she got there. The last thing she remembers before she faint is she was in a room with Jupe, Dhammian, Ozu, and also the Queen and King of Draconia Kingdom. Casting the spell..or more precise.. the curse of Astaroth..

“Jupe!!! Where is he..??” Ribenna started to swiped her eyes across the room. But she didn’t found any sign of living beings except herself. She’s alone in the room.


Suddenly she realized, there’s a sound of dropping water. Near. From the altar where she sleep. But somehow, it sounds different than water. More.. Thick… Ribenna stunned for a second. She just realized one thing. Her clothes are wet. And her hands felt like she just touched something cold, wet and sticky.

‘What is this..?’ Ribenna thought while starring at her hands. Red colored liquid wrapped her hands.


Burst with a sudden panic, she tried to locate the source of the blood from her hand. She was shocked to find out that her clothes was filled with blood, the reason why she feels that her clothes are wet.

With a panic bursting on her mind, she turns from the altar, and accidently her feet bumped on something on the floor. “Ouch.. What’s this..?” Ribenna complained while rubbing her leg. Unfortunately, what she accidentally bumped was a body of a human.

A dead body.  A corpse.

Reflex, she take a step back closer to the altar where she woke up. Doesn’t need a long time to make Ribenna realize, that the whole room was filled with dead body.



“Hello, missie~ Want to accompany me for a glass of drink~?” said a drunk guy while walking closely toward a girl who’s been walking alone on a dark alley. She just stand still while starring at the guy. The guy started to touched the girl with all his might and the girl still didn’t gave any reaction. Suddenly, the moon shine and the sudden light make the guy can see clearly the face of the girl.

“You’re Vivian Novalune! I’m very lucky! C’mon! Accompany me drink!” said the drunken guy while holding Vivian’s wrist with a bit harsh, pulling her to go with him. Vivian just stand still. A grin can be seen on her face.

“I know an interesting place, Monsieur, if you want to drink. Not just drink, you might get.. More..” she said with a sweet voice and a seductive smile while showing a bit of her body line. The drunken guy startled and looked tempted. His breath starts to sound harder. And his eyes show lust.

“Let.. Let’s go!” the guy said with a lustful smile and let his hand pulled by Vivian’s lead. Vivian just smile. “Come over here, Monsieur…” she said softly.

Vivian take the guy to a dark aisle where no one can see. The drunken guy is too busy with his own mind, didn’t realize that they were going on a dead end.

“Monsieur.. Please hold me.. Hug me.. I’m feeling cold..”

Suddenly, Vivian lean closer to the drunken guy with a blushing face. Her voice trembles and her lips open half with a seductive gesture. Feeling given approval, without further thinking, the drunken guy holds Vivian with all his might. His hand started to grope and fingering Vivian’s body. A slight moaning voice came out from Vivian’s thin lips, gives even more excitement toward the drunken guy.

The moon shines bright without announcement, makes the dark aisle where Vivian and the drunken guy stand turn into dim light. Her eyes flashed red.

Slowly, Vivian realizes something changes in her body. Her body stiffened, and without realizing the situation, when the drunken guy wants to continue touching Vivian’s body, Vivian bite the guy’s neck and suck his blood.

“You.. Can’t be.. Nochtenreich…” the guy said with a weak voice and eyes full of terror. But everything is too late. He can’t do anything nor say anything. In no time, Vivian has drunk all of the guy’s blood. After her thirst fulfilled, she disposed the soulless body of the once drunken guy. With a simple wipe, she cleans the blood on her lips. She stares coldly to the dead body while putting her clothes back.

“Don’t you dare touch a girl’s body, Monsieur. Especially a girl who had sold her soul to the devil.. Or you will be doomed.. But, merci, Monsieur. Thanks to you, now I can sleep tight tonight.. ” Vivian said with a soft yet cold and piercing voice and a big grin on her face while starring at the dead body. Her eyes flashed red. The color of blood.

She smiled, and turn her back around, blend into the dark of night. Leaving a dead body on a dead end of the dark aisle.


Ribenna stunned. She realizes that her lips are wet. A salty and rancid taste liquid felt on the tip of her tongue. The taste of blood. But somehow, she enjoys the taste.

Her gaze swept around the room, toward the dead bodies around her. Somehow, all of the body looks pale, like a large amount of blood has sucked from their body. Is it possible that.. She’s the one.. Killing them..? Suck all their blood..?

Somehow, Ribenna started to grin. A big grin.

Yes. She’s the one who drank all of their blood. And she enjoys it. She enjoy drinking every drop of their blood, until the last one.

In the darkness, Ribenna’s eyes flashed red. Like the blood’s color swiped on her lips.


“So, Miss Vivian. Where will you go after this?” asked the tavern owner when Vivian explained her intention of leaving the town. “I don’t know. But I’m thinking on going to Darlaise,” she answered with a sweet smile. “Ah~ Darlaise. A very beautiful town. Suitable for a lady like you, Miss Vivian. I wish you well there,” he replied with a smile. “Merci, Monsieur. Well then, I will take my leave,” with a smile, she picked up her belongings.


Suddenly, a locket dropped from Vivian’s pocket. On the outer side, there’s something written on it.

[Pour la ribenna de la Maman et du Papa.]

“Here you go, Miss Vivian. It fells from your pocket,” said one of the maid in the tavern while passing it to Vivian the locket. “Ah, Merci,” Vivian replied with a smile and accept the locket. She holds it with a solemn feeling, like it was a very precious thing.

“It must be very precious for you, Miss Vivian. From whom if I may know? If it’s from a guy, I’m sure all your fans will be crying in broken heart,” the tavern owner asked with a slight laugh. Vivian just stared at the tavern owner with a mysterious smile.

“It’s from the people I dear so much in the past,” she replied with a smile, and started walking, leaving the tavern.





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