Easter is coming! Spring is coming! It’s April!!! \(OAO)/ It supposed to be April Fool, but I didn’t care and decided to have a walk with Ryu today. πŸ˜€

If you go to the shop these days, you can see everything is on spring and Easter theme. Well, it seems Easter theme came not only on merchandise goods, but also on doughnuts, like the one on Krispy Kreme. It looks cute, but I don’t know about the taste. Always prefer the original glaze one. πŸ˜‰


Continue our walk, we decided to go to AEON Mall, near Kyoto Station. Well, while walking, I was mesmerized by this UFO catcher game. Why?




I always love Miku’s plushies. And this one is soooo cute. Don’t you think? (O///O)b20140403-134547.jpg


I also love this version. Too bad when I try it, I fail twice. (TTwTT) Since I don’t have that much money to play UFO catcher, I decided to just let it go.. (TTwTT)



I really wish my big brother is here, since he’s good with UFO catcher. (TTwTT)b

Besides UFO catcher, I also found.. THIS!!!



Seeing it somehow makes me want to laugh.. Sorry.. <_<||| It’s TUXEDO KAMEN gacha-gacha!!! \(=w=)/ Well.. I’m a Sailor Moon die hard fans, but to be honest, Tuxedo Kamen is not my favorite. So I’ll skip. (=w=)b

Oh, and when I go out AEON Mall, I found this scenery πŸ˜€



Sakura is starting to bloom πŸ˜€ Spring indeed is coming..

Continue the walk, we decided to go to Shijo and have some walk..Β And I found some interesting view. πŸ˜€



Interesting shop! They sell tabi! πŸ˜€



And some cute girly shop with a traditional exterior πŸ˜€



When we go home, we decided to go on a different route..

And we found a lot of new things..



And also.. Sakura! πŸ˜€










Quite nice walk today.. (=w=)

But.. When I got home, I received a news that my ex-boyfriend (and also my dear friend)’s father just pass away this morning. I feel so sorry for him. I hope God gave him and his family a bunch of strength.. ( ;_; ) I feel sad for not being able to know this earlier..

I really hope the best for him and his family.. ( ;_; )

I guess that’s all for now.. Jya..


Sincerely, Bena nDR



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