So.. Ryu has come back from America.. And he brought me a lot of gifts! (OAO)

OMAIGOWD!!! \(OAO)/ AMERICAN SNACKS!!! I feel like my eyes gets bigger when I saw stuffs he pulls out from his bag. OW MY!!! (TTATT) I feel so touched..

What are they..? Here it is..

CHEETOS!!! Maybe you think I can easily get in Japan. What’s so special? Don’t get fooled. The on in Japan has less cheezy taste than this one! πŸ˜€ It’s total worth it!!!

20140403-133523.jpgFAMOUS AMOS CHOCOLATE CHIP!!! My favorite chocolate chip!!! \(TTATT)/ Ever since I was in kindergarten, chocolate chip cookies has always been one of my favorite cookie. My teacher always gave it to me during snack time on the kindergarten. Since then, I always fond to this one cookie. And Famous Amos is one of my favorite brand. (>///<)b




This one was from the plane, Ryu said. But it turns out delicious when I try it. (O///O)b



TORTILLAAAA!!! Anyone who’ve been living in America must know that Mexican Food is one of the most loved food in America. At least that’s how I feel when I lived there. My parents go back to Indonesia turns into a salsa-tortilla lover. And so do I. (=///=)b



GUMMY BEARS! Oh my oh my.. My favorite candy ever since I’m on the kindergarten. I don’t know why but the fruity flavor just drives me mad! I LOVE IT!!! (>///<)b




This one is a personal choice by Ryu for me. I don’t know why but seeing the ingredients on the title makes me smile. Rosemary. Sound simple and meaningless, but for me, it’s something. As I’ve wrote before, I’m a die hard PnP RPG Player. And one of my character’s name (the last character) is Rosemary. (=w=) So I think it’s sweet.

And turns out, this cracker taste nice! (O_O)b




PRETZEL!!!! ILOVE IT!!! Nuff said! (=///=)b


And also.. He gave me a memento from STANFORD UNIVERSITY, where the conference was held..

A T-Shirt..


And a sweatshirt… (=///=)


I really love it!!! \(>///<)/

And you know what? He also bought me a gift from Tokyo! Β Another [Tokyo Banana]. But different from the last time, this time he gave me the Caramel flavored one.


I guess he remembers when the last time he gave me the original flavor, I said that I love the caramel flavored one. (=///=)b

Oh boy.. I’m so happy I can’t say anything.. (>///<) I guess I’ll stop writing now..



Sincerely, Bena nDR


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