White Love

Hello everyone!! It’s 14th of March!!! Do you know what day it is in Japan? (>w<)

It’s White Day!!!

What is White Day? Well to make it simple, it’s the day when boys ‘repay’ to the girls for the chocolate they recieved on Valentine’s Day. (^w^)b Why white? Since at first it was a promotional campaign from a marsallow company in Japan. After that, not only marshmallow, a lot of things are ‘promote’ as a gift for White Day. (OwO)/

As for me.. I GOT ONE TOO!!! \(>w<)/

Well, since yesterday, Ryu is having a conference in Tokyo. Today when I pick him up at Kyoto Station, he gave me this:

Tokyo Banana!! (^A^)/

One of Tokyo’s famoust gift! (>w<) Aaaaa!!! I’m so happyyyyy~<3

This is how it looks inside:

He sure knows I love sweets.. Tehehe.. But the best thing of it, is to eat it together with Ryu. (^w^)b It taste even tastier. Hehehehe..

I guess that’s all for now. I hope all of you have a nice day like I do. (^w^)/


Bena nDR


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