That’s My Work

After a long time not writing anything here, finally I write something again. But this time, I guess it’ll be a bit of serious talk. (=_=)a

Few days ago, a dear friend of mine gave a link to me of some website I don’t know while asking, “This is your drawing, right?”. And I’m like, “What?” So I checked the website, and yes, I found my drawing there. (O_O)a (I put the print-screen for detail (OAO)/)

my cleric on net

Well.. It is definitely my drawing, [The Cleric] which I upload on my DeviantArt page and I put also on Impracabeza.. (O_O)a Here’s my drawing:

It’s the same drawing right? (^^)b
Well.. To be honest, I’m not that troubled with my drawing being used.. But the problem is.. They cut the name part on my drawing (I put my dA address on the lower part of the drawing, and at the website it was cut <_<|||). If they’re not going to ask me to use the drawings, at least don’t cut my name from the pic. <(<_<#)

So.. What’s bothering me is.. Can this be called art theft? Or what? (O_O)a I never had any experience like this before, so it’s a new thing for me..

Well.. I guess that’s all for now.. Jya! πŸ˜€


confused Bena nDR


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