Strawberry Fields Forever

So.. Today on my way home from a late lunch with Ryu, I found this poster at the station..


[A Very Strawberry Viking].. Looking at the poster and the title somehow makes me drool.. Well, I’m a die hard strawberry lover after all.. And you can see.. It’s strawberry all over!!! I wanna tryyy!!!

Oh, for those who doesn’t know, [Viking] is somehow Japanese way to say [All You Can Eat].. Although I don’t know where it come from.. But still.. I want to try Japanese Viking at least once.. But the price.. Is so not.. Friendly for me..
So.. Craving for strawberry.. I tried to indulge myself with Strawberry Yogurt..


Just put strawberry on a bowl, pour strawberry yogurt, Voila! It’s done.. Not bad.. But still.. I want to try Strawberry Sweets Viking.. Huhuhu…

Maybe next time.. Jya~ne. πŸ˜₯

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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