Stranger By The Day

Snow is falling from the sky – in the middle of July 
Sun was shining in my eyes again last night 
Alarm goes off without a sound – the silence is so loud 
Something isn’t right 

~Stranger By The Day – Shades Apart~

I always remember that song every time I saw snow falling from the sky.. :p Well.. In Kyoto, snow almost never fall.. I guess.. At least that’s how I feel when I live here for this 1 year.. But you know what.. Tonight, snow falls! \(>w<)/


This is how it looks on my iPod weather forecast. 😀

Ryu and I were having a very late supper on Saizeriya at Teramachi street. When we realize, the road outside is wet.. I wonder if it’s raining outside. Since although the weather forecast said it will be snowing, the temperature is still not that cold.. So I guess.. It’s just a normal rain..

Turns out.. I was wrong.. (OAO) IT WAS SNOW!!!20140119-060359.jpgShijo street looks so wet when we get out.. So wet, I though it was a heavy rain..20140119-060411.jpgThis is how it looks like..  \(>w<)/ Strong wind and snow! Since the subway has stop operating, first we were planning on going home using taxi, but suddenly Ryu ask me if I’m okay walking home. He want to experience how does it feel to walk under a falling snow..

And so.. These are few pictures of snows I took during our way home.. 😀


See the falling snow? 😀20140119-060428.jpg



Starting to pile up! Up! Up! XD20140119-060505.jpgAnd so.. After walking around 1 and a half hour, we arrived at home.

I really wish the snow will stay on pouring tonight, so tomorrow it piles up.. But I guess it will be only wishes.. :p It’s Kyoto after all.. 😀

Okay then.. I guess that’s all for now. 😀 Jya~ne! 😀


Bena nDR


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