Cult Personality

So.. Today, me and my Pen n Paper RPG friends are having a discussion. This time is about our PC (Player’s Character) we made during sessions of games.. Suddenly, Ryu turns out with a postulate about PCs.

Postulate of Roleplayers:

 Roleplayers will make characters based on:

     a. An ideal person, with his idealized virtues.

     b. An ideal partner for them.

 And it can be in Affirmative or Negative.

    – Affirmative: Just like that, the ideals.

    – Negative: The exact opposite, as in Honest and Cunning Liar.

For me it is an interesting thing.. Since I’ve played PnP RPG 7 to 8 years now.. And I think my PCs are involving, the way I grow older.. From a easy-going girl who loves to brawl without think first (my first PC, Clerest Incendie),to a lady with a sharp tongue and witty attitude (Jemima E. Moriarty, my NPC which I think as my own PC).. The variant of the characteristic really do changes the way I change..

What do you think? 😀

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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