Pegasus Phantasy

Okay… Today I repeated my unproductive day.. |||Orz

Today, I’m supposed to do my homework.. A 31 page of manga sketches.. But ended up watching anime all day long.. (TTwTT) I was too mesmerized by Saint Seiya Omega anime.. (TTwTT) And ended up watching it until the last episode available.. Damn.. My time.. |||Orz

Apparently, this anime still can amuse me.. |||Orz I thought the new ones (I watch the original Saint Seiya when I was a kid) wont be as interesting as the first one. But ones all the old casts came into play, I just can’t stop watching it.. (TTwTT) And without I realized it, time flies..

Huhuhu… I guess I better start doing my homework now… |||Orz

Jya~ne… (TTwTT)



Sincerely, Bena nDR


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