Let’s have a celebration, by the sea~~ And get together in peace and harmony~~

Ever heard that song? Well, it’s one of the famous hits on 90’s. The title is Celebration by Fun Factory. Somewhat it matches the feel today. (^w^)b What happened today? Well, today, there’s a festival at my school, Kyoto Seika University. (^w^)b Since my university has manga and anime major on it, somewhat, there are a lot of students come cosplaying. πŸ˜€

Soooo~ I decided to be a candid photographer! (=w=)b Here are few pics I took on the event. (=w=)b

DSCN7146_1000x750 DSCN7155_1000x750Β DSCN7145_1000x750

The gate to Heaven n Hell. Can’t decide where to go first? Why not roll the wheel? (=w=)b

DSCN7329_1000x750Β DSCN7330_1000x750Β DSCN7333_1000x750

Here’s the map to Heaven n Hell. πŸ˜€ With the stage’s schedule as well πŸ™‚

DSCN7168_1000x750Β Β DSCN7169_1000x750Β DSCN7170_1000x750Β Β DSCN7172_1000x750Β DSCN7228_1000x750Β Β DSCN7239_1000x750Β  Β DSCN7253_1000x750Β DSCN7274_1000x750Β Β DSCN7303_1000x750Β Β DSCN7321_1000x750Β DSCN7334_1000x750

Stands, shops, and life painting πŸ˜€


The schedule for the stages.. πŸ˜€


The Hell stage! (OAO|||)


And Heaven stage.. (=w=)b

DSCN7157_1000x750Β Β DSCN7165_1000x750Β Β DSCN7185_1000x750 DSCN7193_1000x750Β Β DSCN7194_1000x750 Β DSCN7211_1000x750 DSCN7215_1000x750Β Β DSCN7217_1000x750Β  DSCN7220_1000x750 DSCN7221_1000x750Β Β DSCN7224_1000x750Β Β DSCN7229_1000x750 Β Β DSCN7235_1000x750Β Β DSCN7236_1000x750Β Β DSCN7265_1000x750 DSCN7273_1000x750 Β DSCN7278_1000x750Β Β DSCN7322_1000x750

As I said before.. Cosplayers!!! \(=w=)/

DSCN7286_1000x750 Β DSCN7307_1000x750Β  DSCN7312_1000x750Β Β Β DSCN7326_1000x750Β  DSCN7328_1000x750

Last but not least.. The FOOD!!! \(////A////)/ From the first pic: Cinnamon Fried Toast, Basil Chicken Karaage, Fried Banana, Choco-Banana n Cinnamon-Apple Roti (Thai Crepe), n Takoyaki (=//w//=)b Delish!


And of course.. I won’t forget to take a pic of myself. :p Fufufu.. Fells like my school turns into an amusement park! (=w=)b For more pics, you can see it here. πŸ˜€

So~ The festival turns out totally fun! \(>//w//<)/Β I’m having so much fun! \(^//A//^)/

But maybe.. Too much fun.. (=_=|||)

I started the day forgot about my boyfriend and got separated with him when taking the school bus to my university.. And during all the event, I almost not hear anything he said and ended up making him feel forgotten.. (TTwTT) And in the end of the event, I forgot his request, and we ended up having a quarrel.. πŸ˜₯ I’m a bad girlfriend indeed… But in the end we make up our relationship. (TTwTT) Thank goodness..

So.. Moral of the day.. Even when we’re havin fun, don’t forget about people around you. Especially your lover. (=w=||)b

That’s all for now I guess. Hope you have a nice day to, guys~!Β Jya~ne! πŸ˜€

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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