I Want Candy

Hello~! It’s me again. 😀

This time, this time I wanna talk about childhood candies. 😀

I’m sure every country has their own childhood candy, Indonesia does too. (^w^)b And so does Japan.

I encounter with Japanese childhood candies and snacks when I was doing a volunteer on a snack shop (駄菓子屋) in Shizuoka, helping a friend of mine. There, I see a lots of kinds of interesting candies and snacks that I seldom see. (OAO) Oh, about the volunteer, the job is to help the owner selling the candies while teaching the kids with foreign languages. 😉

And since then, my interest toward Japanese sweets and candies grow even bigger. So when I move to Kyoto and found a childhood sweets in AEON Mall near Kyoto Station, I was very excited.

And ended up bought some. :p

I like the match caramel and bontan ame. It taste not too sweet. 😉

So, do you have any childhood sweets as well on your country? 😀

Jya~ne! ;3


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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