Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!! Trick or Treat~! \(^A^)/

Gosh, I miss sayin those words while wandering around asking for sweets.. (=w=) Well, spending my kindergarten years in the US makes me experiencing Halloween the American way: using costume and wandering around asking for sweets. (=w=)

I still remember when I was a kid, my mom used to make me use a witch costume, brings broom everywhere and go to a mall near our area, since in that mall there’s an event for kids where they can ask for candies from all the shops there. (^w^)b It was a total fun! We usually end the day with a big fluffy pink cotton candy from a self serve machine. (OwO)

Ah~! Those good old days..

And so, since in Indonesia Halloween is not celebrated, when I move to Japan, I was expecting for something different, since Japanese celebrate Christmas, so I think they must be celebrating Halloween as well.

But turns out I was wrong. (~_~)

They don’t celebrate it. Too bad. Well this year is my 3rd Halloween in Japan, so I’m not that dissapointed anymore..

But the funny thing is, although they don’t celebrate it, all the shops everywhere is using halloween decorations. They even sell cookies with ghost shape as well on the market. (OAO)b

Well, enough with the words I guess.. These are few pictures I pic on Kyoto Station. (^w^)/

20131102-112622.jpgMinipla goodies store also uses Halloween deco! (^w^)b They even sell candies and cookies with Halloween themed packaging. (=w=)b

20131102-112707.jpgThe Halloween decorations on Porta, Kyoto Station’s underground shopping area. (=w=)b

20131102-112732.jpgThey even have a Halloween themed photo booth on Porta. (OwO)b

20131102-112807.jpgAnother Halloween themed decoration, this one id for The Cube, still Kyoto Station’s underground shopping area. (^w^)b

20131102-112825.jpgThis one is Halloween themed photo booth on Kyoto Station’s main building. (=w=)b It looks fun for tourists. Ryu even helped a couple of tourists to took a picture of them.

20131102-112838.jpgAnd they offered to take a picture of us as well.. (=//w//=)> They’re so nice.

20131102-112855.jpgAnd this is how I celebrate my Halloween : buy a cookie. (=w=)>Β Well.. I don’t have a place to use some costume or such, so I just buy this for myself. Tee-hee~! (^w^)>

So, how’s Halloween on your place? πŸ˜€ I hope you guys have a nice Halloween night.

Trick or Treat~! πŸ˜€

SIncerely, Bena nDR


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