More Peanuts

It’s 3rd of February! 😀 And do you know what’s this day in Japan? 😀 It’s SETSUBUN (節分) day! 😀 What is Setsubun? Actually I already wrote it on one of my previous blog entry. 😀 You may check it if you’re interested. 😀

This year! Just like I said in last year’s entry, I’ll definitely go to the Setsubun event in Shizuoka. And yep, I finally can go to the event! \(^//A//^)/

The event is held not far from my school, it’s in one of the community building. A lot of people come there, and also the ‘high status’ people from Shizuoka (later on, I found out that they’re the one who sponsored this event). Of course, I took a few pictures from the event. 😀

DSCN2513_800x600 DSCN2514_800x600DSCN2515_800x600 DSCN2516_800x600DSCN2517_800x600 DSCN2519_800x600DSCN2518_800x600  DSCN2521_800x600 DSCN2523_800x600

The event was started with prayer chanting. Everyone is praying and chanting their prayer. It’s the first time I listen to Japanese prayer chant live, since I usually only heard it in the anime. :p It indeed is the same. 😀 And ended with a forecast on this year’s fortune. D: It was fun! XD

DSCN2526_800x600  DSCN2534_800x600

After that, few of the staffs stand and shows a big piece of paper and calling names. Apparently, the high status peoples will do the mamemaki. They use their happi and prepare for the mamemaki. 😀 And after the sign is on, they started to throw the snacks to all the people. Apparently, I got a very unfavorable seat. All the snack just flew through above my head. |||Orz Thanks to a nice staff near my place, who sometimes throw his part of snacks to our area, I get few snacks. 😀 After the mamemaki, few staffs came with vegetables and stuffs and share it to everyone. 😀 Too bad, this time I get nothing.. ||Orz

DSCN2540_800x600 DSCN2543_800x600 DSCN2548_800x600 DSCN2551_800x600 DSCN2552_800x600DSCN2553_800x600

When we first came, we were given an envelope with the [please don’t open] sign on it. Apparently it was a door-prize. (O_O) And again, I was unlucky |||Orz But it’s okay.. Since I prefer luck on my test in Kyoto Seika University test tomorrow. :p But luckily, few of my friends got the prize. Even my teacher! She got a coffee maker. (=A=|||)

DSCN2556_800x600 DSCN2557_800x600 DSCN2558_800x600 DSCN2563_800x600

Well.. And this is what I got from the ‘war’~<3 XD

DSCN2567_800x600  DSCN2570_800x600

Overall, it was a fun event! (^A^)/ I hope I can attend this kind of event again after I move to Kyoto. 😀

Okay then, I guess that’s all for now. 😀 Have a nice day all! Jya~ne! 😀

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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