It’s My Birthday

Hello, it’s been a long time since the last time I wrote in this blog. 😀  But today, I want to write about something special. What is it? 😀 It’s my birthday! XD I’m turning into 27 years old. :p

Well, not only my birthday, today is also my favorite anime character from Macross Frontier, Sheryl Nome. 😀 Yep, she has the same birth-date like me. ;D Lucky right? :p

So, this is the second time I spend my birthday without my family. ( ;_; ) Thank God, I still have Ryu at my side.. So I’m not lonely. :p And as usual, in Japan, 23rd of November is Labor’s Day, a national holiday. So I can spend my birthday doing anything I want. 😀 Tehehehehe 😀

Today I spend my day fully with Ryu.. :p We walk, chat, eat, and do everything interesting. 😀 We take a walk at Sumpu Park to see autumn view..

DSCN0677_600x800 DSCN0635_600x800 DSCN0641_600x800 DSCN0646_600x800 DSCN0650_600x800 DSCN0656_600x800 DSCN0658_600x800 Me :DDSCN0661_800x600 DSCN0663_800x600

Walk at the city to see Shizuoka Street Festival (which I was planning to attend at first, but was too late |||Orz).. And Ryu bought me a cute cat hand-phone strap. (=///w///=)

DSCN0695_600x800 DSCN0795_800x600 DSCN0697_800x600 DSCN0699_800x600 DSCN0707_600x800 DSCN0709_600x800 DSCN0713_600x800 DSCN0714_600x800 DSCN0721_800x600 DSCN0722_800x600 DSCN0730_800x600 DSCN0731_600x800 DSCN0733_800x600 DSCN0735_800x600 DSCN0738_600x800 DSCN0741_600x800 DSCN0751_800x600 DSCN0761_800x600 DSCN0762_600x800 DSCN0765_800x600 DSCN0792_600x800  DSCN0828_600x800

Take a break at a small nice cafe at Shizuoka Station.. It was nice and fun. (=//w//=)> Teehehe~<3

IMG_9127 Meeee :D IMG_9122 My birthday cake is an apple pie :DMy Charming Dragon~<3 =w= IMG_9124

And you know what? He gave me a very nice birthday present. (>///<) I can’t believe he gave me that.. He gave me COPIC marker and watercolor paint. And I know, it’s pricey.. (TT///w///TT)/ It was.. It was.. Unbelievable~~<3 Call me materialistic, but nobody ever gave me those kind of things to me.. (TTwTT) Huhuhu..

DSCN0830_600x800  DSCN0829_800x600

And besides that, when we have a walk to Cenova Dept. Store, he bought me small Rilakkuma charms. (TT///A///TT) He’s just damn so nice… |||Orz I FREAKING LOVE RILAKKUMAAA~~<3 (TT///w///TT)/


It was an unforgettable birthday this year. (^////^) I can never ask for more..

Thank you for making my birthday colorful, Ryu. :”) Love you~!

Oh, I forget. And of course, I don’t forget on celebrating Sheryl’s birthday too. (^_^)b (well, actually it’s just an excuse for me to buy another cake. :p Tehehehe)

Happy birthday, Sheryl Nome~<3

Okay.. I guess that’s all for now.. 😀 Jya~ne!!

Sincerely, Bena nDR :3


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