Challenge Day #12 : Most Recent Achievement

Hmmm… Actually I kinda confused what to draw on this theme.. But I decide to make this picture instead 😀 20121115-205313.jpgFor me, my most recent achievement is when I sell my drawings at an event in Kanaya. 😀 From 10AM to 3PM, I drew non-stop, receiving orders from customers who come to my stand to ask me to draw them. 😀 I didn’t even have the time to have a lunch! XD That day, I draw 15 peoples or so I remember. 😀 I took 500yen each for every drawing I drew, and I got 7000yen in the end (I gave one of the drawing for free to the guy who invite me to this event :D).

For me, that’s one achievement. Why? This is not my country. This is Japan. And I don’t have any names or whatsoever here. But still, people ask me to draw them. For me, that’s one kind of achievement. 🙂 Hehehe.. And I hope, from now on, I’ll achieve even higher from before. Hehehe 😀

I guess that’s all for now. 😀 Jya~ne! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR



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