The Festival

Yeaaaaahhh!! Finally, school’s 文化祭(Culture Festival) is dooooneeee!!! \(^o^)/ After days of tiring practices, days of tiring and unsleepy night of making costumes, yesterday, it’s done 🙂 And thank God, everything turns out well (TTwTT)/

So.. Everything starts the night before bunkasai where me and few girls making the costume for the event D: Me, Ulfa, Shanry, Wulan, and Agustina ( the last three just arrived in Japan this October 2012 😀 yup, they’re my juniours in year ;3). So, we make costumes, babbling, drinkibg hot drinks, and just becoming crazy as the night gets deeper. :p Around 1.30 AM, Shanry gave up. She’s sleepy, so she asked to go to sleep. 1 woman down! XD Around 3 AM, Agustina’s down! 2 woman down! XD Around 4.30 AM, Wulan ask permission for praying, but she then doesn’t goes back. So I guess she’s sleeping too XD 3 woman down!!
So, it’s me and Ulfa now. Babbling and rambling about just everything while doing our job. Ulfa makes the costumes for the dancers, while I’m making animal hat for the singers. 🙂

Actually, while we’re working, Ryu also making decoration for the stage. He’s making trees and stones from infraboards.


Cute isn’t it? 😉 My hubby can make everything I guess :*

And so, our work goes on and on~ Around 6 AM, Wulan comes back with a little panic since she overslept. XD Then around 7, backup comes! XD Dedek-Vivi, Noki, and Ryu comes to help. Ulfa then decides to take a sleep for a while, while I’m still working 🙂 Around 8, Dito comes to help too. And around 9, my job done. So does the others. And so, few pf te dancers pick the stuffs and go to the event’s place, while I’m going back to my room for a few preparation. Shower n stuffs. :p

After a nice shower, I’m ready to rumble! And it’s already 9.40. Damn. Rehearsal is around 9.30. I’m freakin late!!! Dedek-Vivi called me and say that the teachers are kinda mad coz we’re late. So Ryu said that we should take a cab or we can’t catch the singing competition rehearsal at 10.40.

And so, we arrived around 10.15. Thank God, I still can catch the rehearsal. (>_<) So, we enter the backstage, to the changing room. Apparently, Indonesian team are with Thailand team. 🙂 So I met my Thailand friend, Sunisa. (^w^)/
At first I was excited with the backstage and stuffs. But suddenly, I started to freaked out. My singing partner, Rizki, hasn’t come. I won’t forgive him if he’s not coming to the rehearsal since actually we should be meeting around 10 to practice before the competition. So, with a panic, I phone him. And the first thing he said that his voice can’t come out. I was so furiated. (=_=####)

I get even frustated when a friend of mine says she saw Rizki with his friends at the city the other night. With a chance they’re going to karaoke.. AAAAARRRGHHHHHH!!!! I really want to kick something now!!!! He’s the one who dragged me into this f***** singing competition!!!!!

…and yep.. I ended up go to the rehearsal alone. ARGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! (ーー ; )Seriously.. I want to bite something at the time..

After rehearsal, I decided to change clothes. Well, I pick Nakajima Megumi’s song Seikan Hikou from the anime Macross Frontier. In the movie, Ranka Lee sings the song. So I try to use cute clothes and tie my hair to look like Ranka. XD Holy crab! I dressed like an idol and will sing like one XDDD Even now, I still can’t believe I’m doing that… (=_=|||)

After changing clothes, Rizki came. Good. We practice a bit and he kept on saying he can’t remember the lyric n stuffs. Gosh.

Tired of being nice, and hungry, I left Rizki practicing alone and go to find Ryu’s parents and go to the food bazaar. (=_=)

In the food bazaar, there are a lot of food sold there. 🙂 Myanmar’s Fried Noodle,Indonesia’s Nasi Goreng, Bangladesh’s Chicken Kebab, Chinese’s Chili Prawn, Thailand’s Green Curry, Vietnamese’s Pho, etc. All for 300¥ each. I was so excited! XD Ryu treat me with a portion of Nasi Goreng for me (alone), and 1 portion of Chicken Kebab+Pho for both of us.
It was so delicious! :9 My tummy full and filled with happiness XD hahaha~

And so, we go back to the main hall, where the main hall held. 🙂 Watching the opening show by yosakoi group from Shizuoka University. 😉 Total coolness!!! XD
After seeing few performance, I go to the backstage. Preparing for the singing competition. After the sign, we go to the stage with the other contestant and wait for out turn to sing. I got number 4.

To make things short.. I sing on the competition. With a cute voice like an idol just like I planned before. With the dance which Ranka Lee do. Alone.

Yes. ALONE!!!

Rizki didn’t sing at all!!!!! He didn’t even help me anything!! Gosh!! (=_=####)

My furiated level come into the max. I tried to sing as good as I can. I forget few steps of dance and lyric but tried to keep cool, smiling, and sing. But in the end of singing, after take a bow, I can’t helped my face to look normal. I was so frustated and iritated. And yeah, as expected. I lost.

I really hate it when I have to join a competition where I already know the result before that I won’t win. I really hate it.

And so, not giving a damn to Rizki, I go to the changing room to change clothes for the next performance, Indonesian tribal dance. But before I change, I ask Ryu to take a picture of me 🙂 This is me and Shanry, doing the “KIRA!!” pose from Seikan Hikou. 😉
And so.. The time for me to dressed like an idol is done. Time to dress as a barbarian. XD

So.. I dress from this..
To this..
Drastical change, huh? XDD I laugh out loud when I saw this picture XD I change 180 degrees! XD hahaha..

Everyone changed too 🙂
Actually, there are unpleasant thing while we’re changing. The bells which are supposed to be used at the performance left behind at our working place. And few guys are whining about no bells are boring and stuffs. To e honest, if I’m not God damn tired, I’ll punch their face. Hellooo!!?? You’re not waking up all night no sleep working.. It’s your job as the people who can think clearly to check all the stuffs!!! So stop whining!!! Gah..

And so all those whining keep on going. But it’s time. And no more time to whine. And before we go to the stage, we pray first 🙂
And so.. We wait at the backstage :p Of course, with style ;p
And thank God, the performance ended up nice! All the irritating things are forgoten and me and Ulfa’s hard work are paid! XD Yokatta~~~!!! X) I almost cry in the end (TTwTT)

So, with the final applause, this year’s festival end. And time to go back to reality.. 🙂

But before that, it’s picture time!! XD First, me, Sunisa, n Yu! XD
Then, the Indonesian team 🙂 Good job, guys! 😉
And last but not least, me n Ryu :* Cool right? XD

And with that, my day ends there. After changing, I go back with Ryu and his parents, while the other go for a feast and karaoke. Actually, I want to go home and just go to sleep. But Ryu knows that, and force me to eat first. (^_^)a haha.. He knows me too well :p

Well.. I guess that’s all for now. 🙂 Time to move my muscles. 😉


Sincerely, Bena nDR

Ps: few pictures here (which has date on it) are taken by Shanry 🙂


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