Take A Bow

Wohoooo 😀 After a long time not watching any drama, finally yesterday, me and Ryu watch another drama at SPAC. 🙂 This time’r title is 「夜叉ヶ池」(read: yashagaike; meaning: The Demon Lake).

Not like the usual SPAC drama which I saw before, this time, the costume is so colorful 😀 And full of small details. \(>///<)/ LOVE IT!

The story was about a couple named Yuri and Akira and their love relationship; and a lake named Yashagaike, which deep inside it, there’s a demon princess that take care of the lake to make sure it won’t flood the village nearby. There’s a promise between the demon and the people from the past that the demon will take care of the lake while the human will ring a bell every day on the same time to make sure the demon doesn’t forget the promise.

This story ends up sad, but it’s very beautiful. I almost cry watch this drama… ;___; I’m really glad, Hakamada Sensei invite us to watch this performance. X’3

And of course, as usual, I won’t forget to take pictures of the actors/actress behind the stage 😉 Here are few snapshots 😀

Actually, that day, I can’t get all the pictures of the actress/actors since there’s a typhoon coming to town. So we have to go home fast. >_<||| Thank God, Hakamada Sensei was very nice and offers to send us back home. >_< Thank you so much, Senseeeiii~!!! >__<|||

Just as we arrive at home, the wind became stronger and wilder. And it became scarier. >__<||| It even caused black-out in Hamamatsu-Shi. D: Thank God, Shizuoka-Shi doesn’t experience any black-out. >_<||| The damaged caused by this typhoon is 1 died and 140 peoples hurt.. Scarry.. >__<|||

And sooo.. The strong wind typhoon and small rain end up my beautiful day after watching a beautiful stage performance.. D: Well.. Nothing perfect, right? :p

I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! 😀

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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