Tee-hee.. Finally I decided to cut my hair 😀

Well.. Actually it’s more because I’m frustrated since my hair has lots of split ends.. And I feel like my hair becomes unhealthy day by day.. So I decided to cut my hair when I go back home to Indonesia 🙂

I was hoping that the hairdresser will cut just a little part of my hair.. Just to remove the slit ends, so I can still have my long hair.. Apparently, he got ‘wild’ and ‘mad’, so my hair ended up cut almost all.. (TTwTT)

Here how it looks–>

When I say it to my boyfriend, I wanna cry (well I love my long hair.. TTwTT), when he see the pic I send via e-mail, he said I look cute and my hair looks like Takako Matsu’s hair in the J-Drama titled HERO (she played with Kimura Takuya there :p).. And so, now I kinda like my new hair.. Hehehe :p

Funny huh, how a single word from the one you love can change how u think.. :”P Tehehe..

Ah well.. Time for beauty sleep :p Jya~ne! :*


Sincerely, Bena nDR

PS: I miss Ryu so much… ;___;


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