Long Story Short

Last Wednesday, I was so happy yet confused :<

Well, This week (from Monday to Thursday), my dad is having a business trip to Japan. He’s having a meeting with a professor in Tsukuba University (my aunt’s boss ^^;; ) During that time, my dad came to Shizuoka to visit me. But it only for few hours. Then after that, he’s going back to Tsukuba. It’s a very short visit.

We barely chat (with the fact he bring one of his friend with him..). He came around 1 in Shizuoka and go back to Tsukuba around 3. We only took a lunch together and have a small conversation.

Plus switching things from my mom and for my mom. (^__^;a) Kinda sad and mixed feelings.. But, well.. At least I can still met my dad. :’)

And anyways, August is just one step ahead. Right?

Okay then.. I guess that’s all for now.. Goodnight, all.. Jya~ne! (^^)/

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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