Lost in Translation

Yahooo~! (^o^)/ Long time not writing anything here (^_^) Well, actually this time I only want to write about 1 thing 😀

Since last year, I studied in a Japanese language school (as I say before :D). During everyday lesson, one of my weak point is writing in Japanese. (^^)a My mom say I should write in Japanese in my diary and I’ve done that too. 😀 But I then have another idea which still similar with what my mom said. 😀

Since I love to blog a lot, I decided to make another blog written in Japanese 😀 Here’s the link. 😀 I know I’m still not that good in speaking and writing Japanese (as I’m not that good speaking n writing n English as well). But I’ll try my best to do it. \(^w^)/ If you have time, please visit the blog 😀 Critiques and grammar restructuring are totally welcome \(>w<)/ I really need those 😀

OK then, that’s all for now I guess 🙂 Have a nice day all. (^^)

Jya~ne! (^^)/



Sincerely, Bena nDR



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