Just My Imagination

Hmmm… These days I feel kinda absurd… (=_=|||)

Few days ago, I found an old video of Masaharu Fukuyama, one of my favorite male singer. The title was Sakurazaka (桜坂). It was the first PV of Masaharu Fukuyama which I saw during Junior High School (around.. ummm… 15 years ago? :p Damn, I’m old.. :D) when I’m having a trip to S’pore with my family. I remember watching it at MTV.

The PV I mentioned.. 😛

At that time, I was not that interested on watching the video (well.. seeing women swiming all along the PV? =_=a ). But the tune and the face of Masaharu Fukuyama was stuck in my mind. Although, few weeks after that, I already forget the face, only remember the music tune and the title. <(^__^||)

Well.. Two days ago, I show that PV to Ryu, and suddenly he said that Masaharu Fukuyama looks like my ex-boyfriend, Fuu. (|||+___+) Whoa.. What??!!

And, yeah, after I look clearly.. They kinda look alike.. (U_U|||) Even the silhouette looks alike. I spontaneously laugh out loud at that time. But now, I don’t know why, the something bothers me.

What bothers me, I don’t know correctly. <(=_=|||) It’s not like my feelings towards Fuu come again or something like that. But, yeah.. Can’t explain it clearly. (=_=a) (and some strange mind come to my brain.. Is it possible that I like him once because deep inside my brain I think that he looks like Masaharu Fukuyama? Hahaha.. Naaahh.. I don’t think so.. Damn scumbag brain.. (=w=)>)

Yeah, well.. Maybe it’s just my imagination… (@__@) Or maybe it’s because it’s been a long time I haven’t talk and chat with him.. (=_=)> Despite our broke-up, we’re still friends. And I still think him as one of my best friend.

Ah well.. I hope he’s fine where ever he is right now.. ( ‘__’)ooOO But I sure kinda miss him. :p

Okay.. Enough with the rant. 😀 Now my brain is kinda refreshed after writing these things. (=w=) Ufufufu..

Good night all~! (^o^)/ Jya~ne! 😀

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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