走り出せ 走り出せ 明日を迎えに行こう
君だけの音を聞かせてよ 全部感じてるよ
止めないで 止めないで 今を動かす気持ち
どんなに小さなつぼみでも 一つだけのHappiness

Happiness – 嵐

Woo-hoo~!!! \(^o^)/ Every time I listen to this song, the cut scene of KKG’s Sports Day (運動会) on 18th of May 2012, popped into my mind. \(>w<)/ It was fuuuunnn~!!!! \(^O^)/

So, the event was held at Oohama Kaigan beach. Somewhere in Shizuoka. At first I don’t know where’s the place, but Ryu gave me the map and somehow I understood. (=w=)> Well, since I can’t use bicycle, I have to found a way how to get there. And the choice goes to bus. (^w^)/ And Ryu kindly accompany me although he can and have a bicycle. \(>//3//<)/ Fufufu~!

We took the number 26 bus on the number 1 bus stop at the North side of Shizuoka Station. It goes straight to Oohama beach. 🙂 Well, actually it’s the only bus going to that direction. (U_U|||) The trip was around 15-20 minutes. Around 12.35, we arrived at the location. Since the event started at 1.30 PM, so we still have plenty of time to playing around 😀

After enough playing at the kids playing ground, we decided to have a stroll at the beach. It’s been a long time since the last time I go to the beach. (=w=) It was fun and refreshing.

Around 1.30 PM, the event started. KKG’s student assemble at the bicycle parking lot and was divided based on the classes. The first event was cleaning the beach. We’re given task to clean the area from trash n stuffs. But apparently the area was quite clean, so it doesn’t take too long until we’re done. (^^)

After we finished cleaning, the sports day started. (^^) There were 3 games that day: running in pairs (male-female) while bringing a beach ball between us without holding it with hand; picking up candy in the middle of flour with using mouth only; and rope pulling game.  All the three games was fun. (^o^)/ The first game requires 5 pairs of boys and girls, while on the other game, all of the class member have to participate. Apparently, I was chosen for the first game, so I participate on all games. <(^__^;;; )

During the rope pulling game, the 1st year classes often doesn’t have sufficient amount of player. So they have to search for people who wants to help. After the first game, which my class won the game, our class member suddenly become famous for asked as mercenaries to help other classes. Apparently, I was chosen to help too. Unluckily, when I help the other class as mercenary, the result turns out as draw, so we have to pull the rope one more time. And the even more unluckily, after I (and few other classmates) finished helping as mercenaries, it’s our time to participate on our class’s ‘battle’. We don’t even have time to rest!! (=_=|||) GAAAAA~!!!! (>_<|||) And maybe because of that reason, we lost this time. (;___;)

So, the result of those three game was: for the first beach ball carry game, we receive 2nd place; for the candy biting game, we also receive 2nd place; and for the last on, the rope pulling game, we only receive 2 point. The final result was, we only got the 3rd (or 4th? I kinda forgot) place between the other classes. (;__;) The final winner was the 1st year students from L class.

Well, despite the loss, it was a fun day. Everyone was happy and laugh together. All my classmates are having fun. And we’re having a fun time together. It was nice. (=w=)

Ah, anyways, I also took a few picture (and helped by Ryu to took a few pictures too :p). So here are the pictures:

Well, I guess that’s all for now. (^_^)v Jya~ne! 😀

Sincerely, Bena nDR

PS: If you’re interested on the music, here’s the link –> http://www.4shared.com/mp3/j55xZpW1/MP3_ARASHI_-_Happiness.html


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