O-Matsuri Dansu

Hello 😀 It’s me back again.. (^_^)/ Finally, my school is entering the Spring break. 🙂 So I have plenty of time to write stuffs and lazying around. :p

But unfortunately, I’m not that free during this Spring break. (TTwTT)> Actually, I’m joining my school’s Gaikoku Kabuki to perform at this year’s Shizuoka Matsuri(Festival). Every year, my school gave a kabuki performance with the title 白浪五人男 (shiranamigoninoto). Last year, because of the great earthquake that strokes Sendai, Shizuoka Matsuri was not celebrated. That’s why, this year’s Shizuoka Matsuri was kinda waited by Shizuoka citizens. 🙂

白浪五人男 (shiranamigoninoto) was a story about 5 thieves and their battle with the police. The thieves was 日本駄右衛門(にっぽんだえもん)- Nippon Daemon, the boss among others; 弁天小僧菊之助(べんてんこぞう きくのすけ)- Bentenkozou Kikunosuke, the handsome bishonen thief; 忠信利平(ただのぶ りへい)- Tadanobu Rihei, the yakuza; 赤星十三郎(あかぼし じゅうざぶろう)- Akaboshi Juuzaburou, the ex good-noble-samurai who turn into thief to revenge the past; and 南郷力丸(なんごう りきまる)- Nangou Rikimaru, the strongest one among others. I got the role as Akaboshi. While Ryu got the police role. |||OTL

Role as Akaboshi is kinda different with the other character. Akaboshi was an ex-noble. So how he act, how he speaks  , and how he walk is different with the other. It must graceful with a pinch of noble rudeness and high speaking. And it’s haaaaaaaard… |||OTL I’m really scared that I ruined everything.. |||OTL If you want to know how the play will be, here’s a YouTube video of the play, but of course with a professional actors. |||OTL

Besides taking participate on the Kabuki play, me and Ryu also preparing to participate on odori (Japanese traditional dance). There are 5 dances that will be performed: Sakura’96, Chakkiri, Takechi Do Don, Sakura Doo Woop, and Sakura Jazz. All those 5 dances were difficult to learn. And my teacher says every year, our school’s dance team never remember the moves of the dances. And it’s kinda embarrassing.

Well.. I do think the same when I found the YouTube video of a little girl who remember all the dance moves perfectly.. (=///=)> That’s why I decided to practice anytime I can. But apparently, not all the students think the same the way I do.. =_=||| Just hoping there will be no students who never practice and suddenly come on the event day to go dancing just to use happi for the performance.

Well.. I guess that’s all for now.. (+__+) Feeling kinda tired and need to sleep..

Jya~ne! 😀


Sincerely, Bena nDR

PS: Finally me and Ryu bought another 18kippu for this Spring break. Can’t wait for another adventure. 😉 Just wait for the report and the pics. ;D


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