Spring of Life

Yahooo… Finally I have the time to write again.. 🙂

Finally.. Yesterday, 23rd of March 2012.. My first year as a student in Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin has finished. So does my days in O Class. (;___;)

I was kinda sad.. Since it’s one of the best class for me.. Despite sometimes O Class doesn’t get the same opportunity like the others (well.. this one is not the class’s problem.. it’s the system’s problem..=_=#).. But all of my friends are great. Even without we’re having the same nationality. Everyone want’s to study. Or at least make the class lifely.

This 6 months, since I came to Japan on October 2011, is always fun. Everyday is always fun. With the additional fact that I’m the only Indonesian in the class, makes me have to speak in Japanese if I want to have a chat with the others. :3 Hard, difficult, but fun. Well.. It makes me can practice everyday, right? :p

About the class.. I forgot have I write it down here.. There are 3 teachers who teach O Class. And there are 13 students. The teachers are Satou Hiroki (佐藤広規)-sensei as our base class teacher, Uchida Shihori-sensei as our additional teacher, and Abe Yoshi-sensei as our hatsuon (pronunciation) teacher. While the students are Sulochana Kadka, Ramchandra Upreti, Bass, and Panta Shuresh Raj Panta, all four from Nepal; Htike Htike Soe (read: Tai Tai So), Zaw Htike (read: Zo Tai), Aung Kyaw Thu (read: Aun Cho Tu) and Nway (read: Nwei), all four from Myanmar; Yu Shunyao and Kan Muka (kinda forget his full name, both from China; Sunisa Chotipan from Thailand; Vin Nguyen from Vietnam; and me. 🙂 All 13 students. 😀

There are good times and bad times we share together. But for me, it was always fun. \(^_^)/ Well, these are few pictures I took during those 6 months.:’)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Huff.. Time will never stops. And life must go on. From now on I guess I’ll make new friends and entering new class with new circumstance. 🙂 Can’t wait for another new adventure. (>w<)/

For now.. I guess I’ll finish my spring holiday homework. Ahahaha.. (^__^|||)

Well.. I guess that’s all for now. Jya~ne! \(^_^)/

Sincerely, Bena nDR

For all members of O Class, teachers, and friends, thank you so much. Thank you for making my days at O Class bright and fun everyday. I guess from now on our path will be different. But I hope one day we can spend some time together again.

今までお世話になりました。どうもありがとうございます。m(_ _)m


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