Recipe For Love #2 : みそ汁 (Japanese Miso Soup)

Holaaaa 😀 Finally have the time to write another recipe. (^w^)/ This time, it’ll be Miso Soup or みそ汁.

Miso Soup is one of the Japanese Food I learn when I start living in Japan. A friend of mine told me about how to make it. He said it was one of the easiest and basic on Japanese Food. His girlfriend was a Japanese, and he said that his girlfriend told him, if a Japanese girl can’t make Miso Soup, then she’s not ready to get married. Whoohooo… (|||O__o)

So, I decided to learn how to make it (with enough explanation on what’s the ingredient from my friend, and step by step how to make it from the internet). When I first make it, I was so happy. XD But when I post the picture on a Japanese photo website, a friend ask me if I don’t make it at elementary grade’s cooking class. Gaaaa… (O___O|||) Yeah.. People tend to think I’m Japanese, I dunno why.. But.. Elementary grade students can make this? Oh wow.. I’m embarrassed.. \(>///<)/

And as time goes by, finally I can make it by using my feeling. (=w=)v And so here is my version of Miso Soup recipe. \(^w^)/ Maybe it’s not the right way to make it, but this is how I made it. 😀 Please note that this is the simple way I choose, not the right way. :D

So this is what we need..


Miso paste –> the most essential ingredient (>w<)/

Tofu 😀

Sliced spring onions 🙂

Sliced dry wakame 🙂 –> Dried seaweed. I think this is also essential, since it gave strong flavor to the soup 😉

Konbu dashi (^^) –> stock made from dried kelp 🙂 I choose to use instant powder konbu dashi, just to cut the time on making the soup 😀 and there also other stock (dashi) that can be used, but for me, this is the one that is suitable. 😉


Sometimes I also add enoki (alfalfa) mushrooms to the soup (^^) You can also add vegetables 🙂 Suit yourself 😉

How to cook:

1. Pour 3 cups of water (or the amount of your choice) into a cooking pot. Turn on the heat. 🙂

2. Pour konbu dashi 🙂 Mix well. (^_^)/

3. Add 2,5 tablespoons (or the amount of your choice) of dried sliced wakame. 😀

4. Add sliced spring onions the amount of your choice. \(^o^)/

5. Cut tofu into cubes. 🙂

6. Pour diced tofu into the soup. 😀


7. Add 1 tablespoon of miso paste. (^w^) You can add more or less the way you like it. 😀

8. Mix well. Heat the soup until hot enough, but don’t boil. 🙂

9. Serve into small bowls while steaming hot. Enjoy~! 😉

Well, I guess that’s all for the recipe. (^^) I hope this helps for anyone who wants to make Japanese Miso Soup. (^_^)/ Not that hard, right? 😉


Sincerely, Bena nDR

PS: Critiques and comments are welcome 😉



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