Recipe For Love #1 : カレーライス (Japanese Kare Rice)

Holla (^o^)/ Long time no write anything. (^_^)/ This time, I want to write something different. I want to write recipes XD Yeehaaawww (>w<)/

Since I live in Japan, I have to cook for myself (if I don;t buy cooked food outside. =_=a) And slowly, I started to learn how to cook. Of course simple food, not the complicated foods. =w=||| And one of my favorite recipe these days is Japanese Kare (Curry) Rice or カレーライス.

The problem of making Kare Rice is not about the way of cooking, but how to find the Kare roux. Why? Since I’m a Moslem, I’m forbidden to eat Pork and it’s relatives. (^^) And most of Kare roux use pork or lard. So I have to snuggling around the supermarket to find the suitable Kare roux for me. <(^_^;) But thank God, I found this. (^_^)

This Kare roux doesn’t use meat. (^_^) (If I’m not mistaken on reading it. :p) So it’s safe to use it. 😀

If you’re Moslem too or don’t want to consume pork, you should check the ingredients on the back of every food packaging (thank God, since Japanese pay attention on what they eat, they always write all the ingredients clearly). These are the most common kanji and words that usually used to describe pig or pork: 豚肉 (buta niku or pork)、ラード (lard or pig’s fat)、ポーク (pork)、豚エキス (pig’s essence?).

So, here’s the recipe for Kare Rice I usually make. Don’t know if it’s the right way or not, but this is how I make it. (^_^) Please note that this is the simple way I choose, not the right way. 😀


Beef (slice)

Potato (cut into block)

Carrot (cut into blocks)

Onion (cut into thin)

Kare roux


Oil (to stir)


Eggplant (cut into blocks) –> this is additional, but I usually add this 😀

Chilly powder –> this is additional, but I usually add this 😀

For the amount, it was usually written on the Kare roux’s packaging. For me, I use 100gr beef, 1 carrot, 1 potato, 1 eggplant, 500ml water, and 1/2 onion. (^w^)/

Hot to cook:

1. Boil the potato and carrot blocks 😀 (some recipe usually don’t do this. But I decided to do this since I prefer overcooked potato and carrot :D) Boil until soften. (^^) Put aside.

2. Pour oil into a pot. Stir onion slices until it caramelized. 😀

3. Pour the meat slices into the stirred onion. Cook until well-done. 🙂


4. Pour all the vegetables into the pot 😀

5. Pour the water (^w^)/


6. Pour the Kare roux as needed (^^)/ And chilly powder if you want more spicy taste. \(>w<)/

w w

7. Stir well and boil until the mixture is thicken. (^w^)

8. Pour onto hot steaming rice. (^w^) Enjoy the meal~! \(^w^)/

Well, I guess that’s all for the recipe. (^^) I hope this helps for anyone who wants to make Japanese Kare Rice. (^_^)/


Sincerely, Bena nDR

PS: Critiques and comments are welcome 😉


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