1 year ago, right on this day.. Big earthquake struck Japan.. It cause tsunami in Sendai which cause a lot of people died. And after that, it also causes a problem at Fukushima’s nuclear plant which causes a big terror in Japan.

At that time, I was still in Indonesia. I watch the news on the TV with terror. Wondering how’s the condition of my friends and family in Japan. One of my friend and his family lived in Sendai, and thank God, he and his family (with her newborn baby) survived the disaster. And all my relatives are alright. 

It became a big grieve for Japan. Even until now.

Today, when I’m attending the kabuki practice, my teacher ask us to take a silent moment for a minute to pray for the victims of last year’s disaster. And suddenly I feel like “It’s been a year..? Time flies..”. But from my teacher’s story, even after a year, there are still people who live in shelters. Without home and belongings. It feels so sad. T_T

On few places, I saw people flying flags. :< It’s a national grieve. And a national traumatic experience. And I guess it will never recover. The trauma..

I really hope everything will be better from now on.. (U_U) I really wish..


Sincerely, Bena nDR


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