Wao.. I can’t believe it’s Valentine’s Day already \(^//w//^)/ My first Valentine’s Day in Japan~~!! (>w<)/ I was so excited (^o^)/ In my country, people celebrate Valentine’s Day. But there are still pros and contras, since few religions doesn’t celebrate it. For me, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I love to see all the pink decoration and all the special stuffs that come specially for the event. :p That’s why I was so excited about Valentine’s Day in Japan.

Well, Japanese do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Actually, in Japan, Valentine’s Day was the day for girls 🙂 Why? On this day, girls say love to the one they love by giving them chocolate. \(^w^)/ For the chocolate it self, there are 2 kinds of chocolate in Japan’s Valentine’s Day: Giri Chocolate and Honmei Chocolate. Giri chocolate (義理チョコ) tend to be given only to friends, family, teacher, or superior. It was more like obligatory-gift chocolate. While Honmei Chocolate (本命チョコ) is the chocolate given to boys to express their true feelings. 😀 Usually for Giri Chocolate, girls bought chocolate at stores, while for Honmei Chocolate, they make it by them selves (Tezukuri-Chocolate). 😀

And thanks to the tradition of chocolate giving day, during Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of chocolate with a lot of varieties sold with cheaper price. Whooo-hoooo~~~!!! Chocolate wonderlaaannnddd~~!!! \(^//O//^)/

Well, so I do some sightseeing to few stores I use to visit and took a picture on how they ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day 😉

Why, of course.. As usual.. Every Valentine’s Day,  I also make some chocolates for my love one 😉 This time, I’m trying Nigella Lawson’s recipe, Instant Chocolate Mousse and some heart shaped chocolate 😉 Turns up quite good. ^^ And the best part is, Ryu loves it 😀 Hehehe… ^^

Well, I guess that’s all for now XD I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day too~! 😉

Jya~ne! :3

Sincerely, Bena nDR


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