Me Time

Gosh.. I’ve been so totally busy these days.. And feeling so lazy and sleepy.. Maybe it’s because of the winter.. =__= Me and my tropical body.. (_ _|||) Maybe I’m not used to this weather..

Anywaaayyysss.. I was hoping I can finished all my job as fast as I can.. And yet still have a lot of thing to do.. (TTwTT) And now, instead of sleeping (since I had a morning class tomorrow), I’mΒ procrastinatingΒ by writing this blog.. Hahahah.. Too much reading phd.comics is not good for your health indeed :p

Naaahh.. Just joking :p

Ah! Just remembered! Want to post a picture I drew a week ago. It supposed to be a picture for my school’s short stories collection which made by the 2nd year students. But I think they decided to use the drawing made by the 2nd year student. (^_^) Well no problem for me :p Te he he..

So, here’s the picture πŸ˜€

Supposed to be a drawing of Hagoromo, one of Japanese folktales πŸ˜€

It supposed to be a drawing about Hagoromo. One of the famous Japanese folktales. πŸ˜€ Well, my friends usually say, there are story similar like Hagoromo all around the world. :p But I don’t know for sure πŸ™‚ Hehehehe…

Oh well… Back to reality I guess. :p I’ll just go to sleep now. And write a post tomorrow πŸ™‚

Good night all.. πŸ˜€ Jya~ne! :3


Bena nDR


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